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Backpacker Insurance: Get the right cover

One of our readers posted the following question on our backpacking Q&A:

"I'm going travelling for 12 months - Oz mainly and unsure where else as yet, maybe NZ and Thailand - the annual insurance is £100 cheaper than the backpacker insurance. Can I just buy an annual policy? I can't see what the difference is.... thanks, Natalie,"

So - firstly, lucky, lucky you going to Australia... and maybe Thailand and New Zealand.  It sounds amazing (and if you're going to Sydney- try our 24-hour guide).

It sounds like the backpacker policy is going to be the best one for you! Essentially the difference between the two policies is that Annual is intended for multiple short trips, Backpacker Insurance is intended for one long trip.

Whilst the annual policy lasts all year long, the maximum continuous trip duration on it is 30 days. Backpacker allows cover for as long as your trip lasts (so long as it's no more than a year).

Don't forget that for both policies, your trip should start and end in the UK. Finally, to be eligible for backpacker insurance you must be under 45.

Hope this helps. You might also be interested in seeing our Backpacking Tips...

Happy travelling!

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