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We Have a Winner!

Congratulations to Saron Harford on winning our £500 Backpacker Travel Kit!

We asked: "What is the best view you've ever seen?"

Saron left us with a fantastic comment: "After 3 days (hot, tired, hungry and unwashed) spent trekking the Andean mountains in Peru, the best sight ever was emerging suddenly to see Machu Pichu finally reveal itself. It sat in the middle of a cloud, which slowly lifted to give the most wonderous encompassing view of the whole ancient city... breathtaking. The second most wonderous sight was the hotel room that night (hot running water and platefuls of food)"

We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered. The comments were evocative, passionate, honest and incredibly powerful in places.

Infact the comments were so good we couldn't just get rid of them and have kept them here for all to see. Feel free to browse at your leisure and imagine some of the fantastic views described.

You can even still comment, but unfortunately the prize has been awarded and so you can't win.

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Dan Baker

Dan Baker

Dan graduated University in 2010 and came aboard the Essential Travel team shortly after. He brought with him a wealth of writing experience taken from his time studying and so it was only a natural progression for him to begin to write with us. Outside of work he is a keen sportsmen, traveller and socialite and it is clear throughout his work that these traits continue to influence his writing strongly.