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Valentines Day With A Difference

Alternative Valentines

Ah that time of year again, February, where couples and hopeless romantics have already made schedules for Valentine’s Day celebrations. There are a great deal of people who find the whole holiday overly commercialised, so I've decided to take a look at some alternative Valentine’s inspired ideas.

For A Sensory Experience...

Why not take a unique spin on the idea of dining out? Dans Le Noir offers the opportunity for you and your significant other (couple or large group) to dine and taste in the dark. You are given a choice between four different surprise menus. This is a sensory experience that should not be missed this Valentine’s Day.

Love Letters...

For something romantic but a little different, why not attend the Caird Library and read someone else's love letters. This Valentine’s Day there will be historical love letters on display to the public, accompanied by champagne and a three course meal.

Love letters

Marshmallow Apothecary...

For those of you looking for something sweet but different on Valentine’s Day, gourmet marshmallows may be the answer. Pop up Apothecary is where you will find unique flavours like lemon and raspberry, gin and tonic, chilli, rose and ginger. Along with the experimental food, free consultations and prescriptions will be available for marshmallow remedies. Perfect for a unique date or an exciting gift option. Marshmallow Apothecary will be open from February 11-24 at Ground Floor, King Court, Carnaby St.

Anti-Valentine’s solutions...

For those who can't bare the idea of commercialised love or just don't want to see another couple, here are some ideas.

Blues Kitchen

The Blues Kitchen live up to their saying “we make bacon, not love” this Valentines Day with their “speed hating” event - keeping this celebration about music, games, food and drinks.

Club Bounce, ‘the home of ping pong’ also offer a unique celebration with their take on anti Valentine’s Day. Bounce has banned all red roses, hand holding and the use of pet names. Should people break these rules an ‘anti valentines’ tax of 100% will be added to their bill. This not only ensures a perfect escape from Valentine's Day but also a really great evening.

Paradise, a fashionable party destination, is hosting it’s ‘Meddler of Honour Party” in the music room this Valentine’s Day, while the ground floor offers a candle lit dining room, designed with a Valentines inspired menu. This doesn't have to be seen as a singles event, but rather a perfect place to meet new people and celebrate in style.

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