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The Essential Top 3 Airport Flash Mob Videos

Ask any traveller what the most boring part of any trip is and if they don’t tell you it’s the wait, then they’re probably fibbing. Airports have come a long way and yes, the duty-free shopping can kill some time, but there is only so much that can entertain you. Clever advertisers have realised that a little song and dance routine before a flight can give travellers something to smile and talk about and so, enter the airport terminal flash mobs.

Flash mobs are not exactly new, but to execute a good one you need a captive audience and a public space. Where better than an airport terminal? Let’s be honest, even the grouchiest traveller is going to be intrigued and wants to find out what’s going on and why the pretty backpacker that was sitting opposite him at the coffee shop is suddenly able to join the choreographed routine unfolding before his very eyes.

O.R Tambo International, Johannesburg, South Africa

The first of our favourite flash mob videos comes out of Africa’s busiest airport. Unfortunately, like all airports, that doesn’t make it any more exciting for travellers trying to make sense of all the hustle and bustle. MNET, a television channel in South Africa, was turning 25 and to celebrate they organised this fantastic flash mob. We love the look on the unsuspecting passengers' faces as it all happens. Pay attention around the 0.59 mark; the man’s face says it all as it transforms from confusion into delight.

Heathrow Terminal 5, London, England

With all the noise in the media about Heathrow Airport queues and passengers getting frustrated with waiting, British Airways was definitely onto something with their special flash mob. They say music can calm the savage beast and there is perhaps no more tune able to calm a fed-up passenger than the Flower Duet from the opera, Norma. The moment of calm in Terminal 5 on a busy day made this duet British Airways’s signature tune. The announcement at 2.12 is a nice touch.

Dubai International Airport, Dubai, UAE

Dubai is world-renowned for the word, big. And when a flash mob took to their busy Terminal 1, they took the flash mob to a whole new level. 55 dancers of all shapes and sizes brought the house, er, terminal down with their moves. We particularly enjoyed all the different songs they used. Turn your speakers up at 3:16 and join in (we did...).

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Matt Wilke

Matt Wilke

Being fortunate enough to attend a boarding school in South Africa, Matthew not only learnt to appreciate nature, but also gained a deep respect for humour and military history. Once finishing his studies, he joined a military band which affords him the opportunity to travel to many countries and to see them from a different perspective from that of just a tourist.