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Backpacker Prizes Worth Over £800!

We have some amazing prizes worth over £800 for one lucky backpacker. Some are essentials and some are unique extras that will all be useful when exploring the world.

If you haven't already, and would like to enter the competition, head over to our Facebook page to enter, this competition is sure to make you excited for your impending travels! You can also check out Essential Travel's '7 Wonders of the World' for the best backpacker locations across the globe and who knows, you might just add a few new places to your ‘once in a lifetime trip’!

This competition is now closed.

About the Prizes

Rucksack from Ellis Brigham

EB logo EB

Ellis Brigham is a family owned Mountain sports retailer, selling the world's best brands and amazing products. They are supplying the winner with an awesome versatile rucksack that can be used for exploring a new city or when you up the tempo and hit the outdoor trails. The AirZone back system provides maximum airflow to keep your back cool, while other features include zip entry allowing easy access, and a front stash pocket capable of securing a helmet, ice axe/walking pole attachment system, reflective feature, and rain cover. A handy rucksack for the different elements you may encounter on your trip. Visit the Ellis Brigham online store.

2 places for an outdoor first aid course from CRT Medical

CRT Medical is giving away 2 places for the UK Mountain First Aid Course worth up to £296! It was created to be a highly practical training package that really prepares people for emergencies. The CRT team are passionate about medicine and education, and all have an extensive background in pre-hospital care. CRT logo The course is held in Mid Wales, accommodation and food is provided as part of the course, all you will need to bring is a sleeping bag. Prepare yourself for some intense but fun training, we’ve been promised that by the end of the first day you will be capable of dealing with a face down spine casualty who is unconscious while wearing a heavy rucksack and a full face helmet!

You even get to take home a three year certificate. The course offer is valid till August 31st 2013. To take a look at the other courses, visit CRT Medical online.

Luxury travel towel from Safari Quip

Made from a unique fabric that is extremely soft to touch, these travel towels can absorb 9 times their own weight in water and dry 8 times faster than a beach towel – these are perfect for travelling, trekking or beach use. travel-towelSo if you're on the move these are a must have, taking up very little room and weighing next to nothing, these are any traveller's best friend.

SafariQuip are an independent specialist business that have been selling gear to travellers since 1982. The owners and their staff are travellers themselves and have an extensive range of products and their website Safari Quip is a must visit for any backpacker.

Underwater camera case from Overboard

Overboard is a specialist company in waterproof bags and cases. They have an extensive range of products that will keep all your gear, equipment and gadgets protected from sand, dirt, dust and water. This waterproof camera case means you can take amazing pictures from underwater and keep your camera protected from sand and dust, helping to turn your travels into memories. It’s even got space for a zoom lens which allows you to get really creative with your snaps. Check out their website – and some useful youtube video’s about these awesome products!

Travel-size toiletries from Ickle Bockles

Ickle Bockles specializes in travel size toiletries, which are airline compliant and really handy when travelling light, not to mention beautifully packaged! They are generously giving the winner loads of toiletries to take away with them! A handy, folding toothbrush and toothpaste, waterless sani-stick, anti-bacterial hand wipes, soap leaves, compact mirror, lip balm, and gel filled eye mask. You'll also get convenient travel size bottles which you can fill and re-fill with your own product, the handy writable labels insure you don’t apply sunscreen to your hair instead of conditioner. They have also supplied a fantastic range of different shower gels, shampoo and conditioner in amazing flavours. Thanks Ickle Bockles.

travel size toiletriestravel size bottlestravel size toothbrush

Genuine leather journal from Oh So Cherished

Oh So Cherished has a passion for paper and you can tell by all their beautifully designed products which are manufactured in Britain. leather travel journal Oh So Cherished has a huge range of gorgeous gift books for special occasions. Alongside their own collection they also stock designer gift stationery, travel journals and a handsome range of FairTrade sari journals to name but a few. Look out for their new collection, check them out online.

Travellers card game from Backpacker Card Game

A fantastic pocket-sized game for 2 to 6 players, and just like travelling, it’s fun, exciting, fast changing and very addictive. Experience all the fun and unpredictability of travelling the world, as you try to outwit your opponents to be the player who returns home with the most card game Visit different countries, enjoy beaches, trekking, wildlife and culture, meet other travellers and get good and bad advice, whilst trying to avoid getting sick or missing your plane. It’s just as good as really going travelling and the perfect tool to make friends and keep entertained on your trip! Visit the Backpacker Card Game website here.

Insect Repellent from Don’t Bite Me!

Beat the biting bugs with Don’t Bite Me! patches, these amazing patches harness the powerful effect of Vitamin B1. Insects hate the smell, and because of it’s transdermal delivery which circulates through the blood, which is then released through the pores, it creates a barrier insect repellantwhere most biting insects won’t come near you! Luckily the smell is barely noticeable to humans. One patch works for up to 36 hours and is waterproof so no need to reapply after swimming. Don’t Bite Me! patches are generously giving the winner 20 patches, so you will be sure to stay clear of insect bites on your travels. Read up more about this innovative product here.

Head torch, money belt, toilet kit, sunscreen and insect repellant from Purple Turtle

Purple Turtle stocks a huge range of products for backpackers and travellers - the little things that can stop a challenge from becoming an ordeal, whilst still leaving the adventure intact. There are plenty of websites that deal with the hardware and gadgets for the roughie toughies, but not so many that cater for the meek and mild as well. To see their huge range of products visit their online store here.

head-torchinsect-repellantinsect repellant

Waterproof beach safe, security travel door alarm & world time travel clock from Go Planet Go

Go Planet Go has been selling travel accessories and travel related items online to thousands of customers for over 7 years. Go Planet Go has kindly donated beach safe pouches, which protect your valuables from water, sand and snow. Keep your room key, money, credit cards and mobile phone safe no matter what conditions you encounter. A security travel door alarm is a good companion when visiting foreign places and allows you to sleep soundly. Just hang it on the inside of your door and place the activation trip under the door, when opened the trigger will sound, scaring off anyone trying to enter! The world travel alarm clock, has some cool features, it has the standard alarm – which should only be used for catching planes and getting to awesome activities on time! It’s got a changeable time zone feature which will adjust the time to your new destination, a torch on the end, and did we mention that there is a built in temperature function that displays in either Fahrenheit or Celsius – really handy. Check out their website for more unique gadgets.

beach safedoor alarmworld clock

Travel insurance from Essential Travel

Essential Travel is giving away 6 months, worldwide backpacker insurance to make sure that the winner is covered on their gap year. Nothing can ruin a long planned trip more than being caught out without insurance, you are travelling the world, anything could happen! Essential Travel have developed a specific backpacker insurance policy. Get a quote now - we even offer wintersports coverage!

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