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WIN Prodrive Winter Driving Courses

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Each winter drivers face the increased risk of an accident when driving in freezing conditions. On icy roads stopping distances can be as much as ten times greater than in dry conditions, increasing the likelihood of a collision. Prodrive's winter driving course will teach you how to control your car in these conditions, boosting your confidence and helping you to stay safe during the winter.

Driving in the snow

The course takes place at their own private proving ground in Warwickshire, which features specially designed low friction surfaces that simulate driving on snow or ice. Using low friction surfaces not only replicates snow and ice more accurately (than using a skid car), but allows participants to use their own car for the course increasing its relevance further.

driving course

Lasting two hours, it consists of both theory and practical sessions, all led by Prodrive’s own advanced driving instructors. Following an introduction to the course and demonstration session from the instructors, you get behind the wheel to get a feel for driving on snow and ice and receive expert tuition in firstly, how to avoid getting into the situation where you lose control and then how to regain control. By the end of the session you should have a clear understanding of what to do should you ever find yourself driving in snow and ice this winter.

Five tips for driving safely during winter:

driving in the rain
  1. Take more time to carry out manoeuvres; stopping distances are 10 times greater in snow and levels of grip are greatly reduced
  2. Move away gradually in second gear, this will decrease the likelihood of you loosing traction, causing you to wheel spin
  3. Avoid having to stop part way up a hill by leaving enough clear space between you and the car in front. Maintain a constant speed, choosing an appropriate gear well in advance.
  4. Reduce your speed before descending down a hill, use a low gear and try to avoid braking. Leave as much room as possible between you and the car in front.
  5. If you have to use brakes, apply them gently. Release the brakes and de-clutch if the car skids.

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Q: Tell us one way in which you can prepare your car this winter?

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This competition is now closed.