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Essential Travel - Accessibility

At Essential Travel we are constantly striving to improve your experience and part of this is giving you some accessibility tips for those encountering some issues with our website.

Our first Essential Tip instructs visitors how to enable JavaScript in your browser which you will currently need to get a quote on the website.

Dont forget, if you run into any problems you can always Contact Us for help.

Tip 1: Enabling Javascript in various browsers:

Internet Explorer 7.X

  • Click on the Tools button located in the upper left part of the screen
  • Select 'Internet Options' at the end of the menu
  • Click on the 'Security' tab
  • Click on the 'Custom Level...' button
  • Scroll down to the 'Scripting' section and set the option 'Active scripting' to 'Enable' and click OK
  • Click 'Yes'
  • Refresh the page

Internet Explorer 6.X

  • Select Tools from the top menu
  • Choose 'Internet Options'
  • Click on the 'Security' tab
  • Click on 'Custom Level'
  • Scroll down until you see section labled 'Scripting'
  • Under 'Active Scripting', select 'Enable' and click OK

Google Chrome

  • Select on the spanner icon in the top right and click on Settings
  • Click on '+ Show advanced settings' and then the 'Content settings' button
  • Under the header Javascript choose the 'Allow all' option
  • Alternatively add to your list of exceptions
  • Save your settings by clicking OK at the bottom

Mozilla Firefox (All versions) and Flock

  • Select Options from the Tools menu
  • Click on Content
  • Click on the check box "Enable JavaScript" and Click OK
  • Refresh/reload the page

Apple Safari for Macintosh

  • Select Safari from the top menu
  • Choose 'Preferences'
  • Choose 'Security'
  • Select the check box next to 'Enable JavaScript'
  • Click Reload

Opera 6.X, 7.X, 8.X, 9.X

  • Click the Tools menu
  • Select 'Preferences'
  • Click on the 'Advanced' tab
  • Click on the 'Content' option
  • Check the 'Enable JavaScript' check box
  • Click the OK button
  • Refresh the page

Netscape 7.X

  • Select 'Preferences' from the Edit menu
  • Click the arrow next to 'Advanced'
  • Click 'Scripts & Plugins'
  • Check 'Navigator' beneath "Enable Javascript for"
  • Click OK
  • Click Reload


  • From the My AOL menu, click 'Preferences'
  • Click WWW
  • From the 'Security' tab, click 'Custom Level'
  • Scroll down to 'Active scripting'
  • Click 'Enable' (or Prompt)
  • Click OK
  • Close Preferences