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Save with Tail-Wags

This Discount Is Now Closed

This Discount Is Now Closed

This season we've teamed up with Tail-Wags to offer you an exclusive 10% discount on the most creative helmet covers around!

With over 40 designs to choose from, finding the right look for every member of your family and your friends is easy!

Who are Tail-Wags


Tail-Wags is a Canadian company established in January 2006 with the goal to help prevent unnecessary injuries by creating a product that combines safety and fun.

if you find it difficult to get your kids to wear a helmet then Tail-Wags could be the answer. By giving your kids the opportunity to dress-up their helmet, being safe has never been so appealing. From cute raccoons and princess covers to mighty gladiator or little red devils there's something for everyone.

We're all secretly big kids at heart and adults love to dress up too. If you're going away with a group of friends why not tear down the mountain as a troop of foxes. Just got hitched or going on a hen do? There's even a bridal helmet for all you newlyweds or brides to be!

Why did Tail-Wags join the Use Your Head campaign?

Karyn Climans is the entrepreneurial spirit behind Tail-Wags helmet covers and is devoted to encouraging children and adults to wear their safety helmets. Years ago, Karyn suffered a serious ski accident but she was lucky to be wearing her ski helmet because it saved her life!

"Even if you're an experienced skier, it only takes 30 seconds of distraction to cause serious injury"

Karyn comments...

"Wearing a safety helmet while skiing, biking, skating and tobogganing is as important as wearing a safety belt while driving. Even if you're an experienced skier or cyclist, it only takes 30 seconds of distraction or some other careless person on the slopes to cause serious injury. Please "Play It Safe" and wear your safety helmet!"

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