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Fosy Review

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Fosy Headbands

Fosy Headband Review & Giveaway

Fosy Headbands are more than just a chic headband, they saw an opportunity to make wearing a ski helmet fashionable for woman and what better way to encourage safety on the slopes than by making woman look stylish while skiing.

Fosy have created a range of headbands that go over your helmets, in addition to wristcuffs, boot warmers and fury scarves ensuring you are not only kept warm and fashionable while hitting the slopes but you get to protect your head in the process from any falls or knocks you may take.

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Why Did Fosy Join The Use Your Head Campaign?

Fosy Headbands
Gorgeous Fosy Products

Barbara Lees, founder of Fosy, wanted to change the way woman wore helmets, faced with the dilemma of helmets being ugly but also wanting to portray the importance of safety, she then sought to create beautiful headbands and so the Fosy brand was born. They've been keeping woman safe and looking stylish on the slopes ever since.

All products come in a range of colours, all are made from faux fur, the range includes lynx, panther, coyote, brown bear, leopard, Fosi bear, Wolf, Chinchilla, Marmot and Husky. Other products on offer include head bands, scarves, boot cuffs, wrist cuffs and boot warmers.

Why Buy a Fosy?

The Fosy headband is really versatile and can be worn over a bike helmet during the colder months or on your ski helmet.

  • All headbands are non-slip
  • One size fits any adult helmet
  • Can be worn with googles

Fosy is available to buy online, just pick out what you like and add it to your shopping cart. They do not have their own retail store but they are stocked in a number of winter sports retailers such as Snow and Rock, Blues and The Ski Shop all round the UK.

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