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Trekking can be both a physically and spiritually rewarding experience. What's more, it gives you a breathtaking view of the world below. Trekking is insured in our Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip and Backpacker policies at no extra cost as a Grade 1 activity. For Trekking above 2500 metres, you will need to add extra sports cover to your Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip or Backpacker policy.

Take out reliable and affordable travel insurance and stay protected during your adventure.

Trekking cover expects that you

Travel Insurance trekking up to 6000m

When planning a trekking holiday, one of the biggest considerations will be the altitude at which you'll be trekking. The higher the altitude, the greater the strain on your body and so the risk of injury is increased.

Trekking at high altitudes requires several safety precautions. At 4000m and above, atmospheric pressure changes significantly, with the potential to adversely affect general health and trekking ability. Under these more extreme conditions, hikers can easily fall victim to injury and illness.

It's for these reasons that you'll need to choose your travel insurance carefully, making sure that you are completely covered for trekking at your chosen altitude.

What Sports Grade Do I Need?

To help you decide what level of travel insurance cover will be suited to your hike, we've created a simple grading system. Trekking is covered in 3 of our Sports Grades. Check out the table below:

Sports Grade 1 Sports Grade 2 Sports Grade 4
under 2,500 metres
Trekking / Rambling
between 2,501metres - 4,000 metres
between 4,001 metres - 6,000 metres

Coverage for each Sports Grade

Sports Grade Medical Excess Personal Accident Limit Personal Liability
Sports Grade 1 (up to 2,500 metres) £75 - £125 £7500 - £30,000 £500,000 - £2 million
Sports Grade 2 (between 2,501 metres and 4,000 metres) £300 reduced by 50% Excluded
Sports Grade 4 (between 4,001 metres and 6,000 metres) £600 reduced by 50% Excluded

Medical Conditions

UK, Europe and Worldwide

Medical Emergencies

Baggage Cover

24/7 Emergency Helpline

Single, Annual and Backpacker

Essential Travel provides top quality, reliable hiking travel insurance that ensures you have the correct cover in place for trekking. When it comes to medical expenses, baggage cover and cancellation, we've got your back - all you need to do is focus on getting the most out of your hike. Here are a list of some of the benefits and cover levels that come with our trekking travel insurance.

Hiking Tips and tricks

Staying Safe

Use the buddy system - Unless you have some serious experience behind you, hiking alone is not advised. Using the buddy system, you can make sure that all members of your groups stay together, and this reduces the likely hood of getting lost on the trail or separated from the group.

Stick to the trail - As any experienced hiker will know, this is not as easy as it sounds. Very often, it's not always clear were the trail is exactly, and knowing which path is likely to be the trail requires will require proper research and planning before hand, acquainting yourself with the route and the area. Paying attention to landmarks and regularly checking the map and compass will greatly increase your chances of successfully sticking to the path.

Dress in Layers - Hikers will always carry three specific types of layers and will wear these in any combination, depending on the conditions. These include the base layer made from thin, breathable synthetic material designed to wicker moisture, a mid-layer designed to provide further insulation such as a wool fleece or soft shell and a wind/water proof outer layer. When choosing layers, avoid cotton at all costs, as this can actually accelerate heat loss when wet. Hypothermia is a very serious and very real threat for hikers braving the outdoors and dressing in layers helps to keep you more efficiently insulated, as well as preventing over-heating, which is equally dangerous.

Drink plenty of water - Keeping hydrated should be a priority when hiking, especially in extreme cold or heat. It's recommended to carry at least 3-4 litres for each person. Try to drink fluids little and often, at least every 15 minutes.

What Is a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

What Is a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition that you need to declare to your travel insurance provider? Get advice on pre-existing medical conditions.

When is The Best Time to Buy Travel Insurance?

When is The Best Time to Buy Travel Insurance?

Essential Travel recommends the best time to purchase your travel insurance to make sure your holiday is fully covered and you get the most from your policy.

How To Save on Your Holiday Abroad

How To Save on Your Holiday Abroad

Learn how to cut costs on your holiday insurance & receive exclusive travel insurance discounts. Cover for medical emergencies, cancellation and lost luggage.

You can customise your policy further with pre-existing medical condition cover, sports and a number of other specialist add-ons.

Do You Need to Declare a Medical Condition?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition it's vital that you declare it or you could invalidate your entire policy. Insurers don't like to think that you've hidden things from them and you may be surprised to find out that many common medical conditions such as allergies can be added without any additional cost.

Do You Need Extra Sports or Specialist Cover?

A decent policy will include cover for many sporty or adventure activities as standard. However the more adventurous or dangerous the activity, like winter sports, the more likely it is that you will need to purchase additional sports insurance. You can customise your policy further a number of other specialist add-ons.

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