Travel Insurance for Thailand

Elephant in Thailand

How to choose the best Thailand Travel Insurance

With so much to offer for everyone, it's no wonder Thailand is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Beautiful sandy beaches, vibrant culture, full moon parties and fun activities galore, you can be sure your holiday to Thailand will be the trip of a lifetime. Choosing the right travel insurance for your holiday to Thailand ensures that should anything go wrong, you're completely covered.

Why Essential Travel?

People want different things out of their holiday to Thailand, which is why with our Thailand travel insurance your cover is personally tailored to your trip. So not only do you know exactly what you're covered for, you only pay for what you need.

This means that if you are a beach loving, sun worshipper who doesn't stray further than the resort, that's exactly what you'll be paying for, with no unnecessary extras. And if you're an adrenaline junkie who loves caving, paragliding and rock climbing, all you need to do is add hazardous activities cover straight on to the policy.

What we cover

Our policies are designed to be easy to understand and simple to book, so you'll always know exactly what you're booking and what you're covered for.

We offer four levels of cover for Thailand travel insurance:

Standard Essential- basic cover which provides £2.5million medical emergency expenses and £7,500 personal accident

Essential- classic cover which provides £2,500 cancellation cover, £5million medical expenses cover, £15,000 personal accident, £100 departure delay and £500 missed departure

Essential Plus-extended cover which provides £2,500 cancellation cover, £5million medical emergency expenses, £15,000 personal accident, £1,500 personal possessions, £300 personal money, £100 departure delay and £500 missed departure

Superior Essential- premium cover which provides £5,000 cancellation cover, £10million medical emergency expenses, £30,000 personal accident, £2,000 personal possessions,£400 personal money, £200 departure delay and £500 missed departure

If Thailand won't be your only holiday this year, you might also want to consider our Annual Travel Insurance, which covers you for unlimited trips for the rest of the year. No need to fuss about buying a new policy every time you travel and only one policy to hang on to!

There are over 100 activities included free in every policy, so even if you're not sure what you want to do before you go, you won't be limited. Elephant riding, pony trekking, jet skiing and most of the popular activities that are available in Thailand are already included in this list. You can find a full list of activities included in the policy on our sports insurance page. You can even print it out and take it with you, so you always know what you're covered for.

Why do you need to buy travel insurance for Thailand?

Street in Phuket Town, Thailand

Buying travel insurance is important for every holiday you go on, but when you travel to Thailand it becomes more important than ever.


Whilst the lush tropical climate is the perfect beach weather, it's also perfect for all kinds of little critters. Most of us won't be bothered by insects and their bites at home, but you might find that the with the much larger number of bugs roaming the streets of Thailand you are a lot more likely to be bitten.

Applying an insect repellant with a high percentage of deet on your entire body should protect you from insect bites, but there is always the chance that one will slip the net. Occasionally, some people can have an allergic reaction to insect bites and this is where it can get costly. Severe reactions, whilst not dangerous, will require medical attention, often a course of antibiotics and sometimes even an intravenous drip if it's really bad. Depending on where you go to get treatment, this can end up being really expensive, especially if you visit a private clinic aimed at tourists.

Making sure you have good travel insurance means that you'll be covered wherever you go, leaving you to seek treatment from wherever you feel most comfortable and able to enjoy your holiday as normal.

All of our policies cover you for at least £2.5million medical emergency expenses, so if you are bitten by an insect and suffer from an allergic reaction, you can be confident that any medical treatment you will need will be covered.

Don't forget:Thailand's insects can also be very dangerous if you haven't had the all the right vaccinations. Mosquito borne diseases such as Malaria, Dengue Fever and Japanese Encephalitis are all common in Thailand and can be contracted by a single mosquito bite, so make sure you are vaccinated in good time before you go.


There are so many amazing things to do and see in Thailand, you are sure to find something you fancy doing. From elephant riding to floating markets, sea kayaking to water parks, there is something for everyone. You may even find yourself jam packing your holiday with everything Thailand has to offer.

But accidents can happen, and with so many exciting activities, it is essential that you have good medical cover just in case. This means that if anything were to happen, all you need to worry about is getting better. All of our policies have at least £2.5million medical emergency expenses cover, so you can feel safe with the knowledge that even the worst injuries will be covered.

Please note: Thailand is quickly becoming notorious for its cheap medical treatment, so it's easy to think that you don't need medical cover or insurance for your holiday. However, whilst most local Thai hospitals will be very cheap, tourists tend to avoid them as the care and facilities are not the same quality as those in the UK and they are often not very tourist friendly.

So unless you are comfortable with poorer facilities than you're used to and the possibility that the Doctor doesn't understand you, you'll find yourself in one of the top private hospitals or clinics popular with tourists, with a much higher price tag. Treatment in one of these private hospitals can run up into the thousands, so it really is essential to make sure you have travel insurance. What might only cost you £13 in travel insurance, will make sure that you receive the best care in a hospital that suits you.


Most of the people you will meet in Thailand will be friendly and happy to help, but like any popular destination, Thailand is rife with pickpockets. There are precautions you can take to prevent being pick pocketed, like not carrying a handbag or purse and keeping your valuables in hidden or front pockets on your person, but unfortunately many pickpockets are well practised and know all the tricks.

Besides carrying as little valuable items as you can, buying travel insurance with good mugging and personal possession cover will ensure that should you become a victim of pickpocketing, you can replace your stolen items. And if you are hospitalised due to injuries from mugging, you'll also receive compensation for your lost time.

We offer two policies which provide mugging cover:

Our Essential Plus-which covers you for up to £500 of compensation if you are hospitalised, up to £1,500 of stolen personal possessions, up to £300 personal money (£200 cash) and even £300 for your passport.

Our Superior -which covers you for up to £1,000 compensation if you are hospitalised, up to £2,000 of stolen personal possessions, up to £400 personal money (£250 cash) and even £350 for your passport.

Top tip:Backing up your data on your phone will ensure that should your phone be stolen, you don't lose or your precious files and photos.


Rabies is a deadly disease commonly found in the dogs, monkeys and bats of Thailand. It is transmitted by the lick, bite or scratch of an infected animal and is most common in stray dogs.

If you have been bitten, scratched or licked on broken skin by an infected animal you will need immediate medical attention and a series of vaccinations to prevent transmission of the disease. Even if you have received preventative vaccinations, you will need two further vaccinations.

Treatment can be expensive in Thailand, so it's extremely important that you have travel insurance to cover your medical expenses, should you be bitten/licked/scratched by a rabid animal. Left untreated, you are highly likely to contract this horrible disease, for which there is no cure or treatment.

Staying away from animals in Thailand will prevent exposure to rabies, but as it cannot always be helped it is highly recommended that you buy good travel insurance to cover you.

Our Thailand travel insurance covers you for at least £2.5million medical emergency expenses with every policy, more than enough to cover the whole set of vaccinations and even a shot of immunoglobulin, if you have been infected. If you are bitten in a rural area without medical facilities or access to the vaccination, this will also cover your transport to the nearest hospital. As you only have 24 hours before the disease develops, this could potentially save your life!

Lost baggage

Lost baggage seems to be a bit of a problem in most South-east Asian countries, with some luggage completely disappearing from the face of the earth. Losing your luggage can be a frustrating experience, as not only do you lose everything in your suitcase, you most likely have nothing to wear for your holiday. Buying travel insurance with lost baggage cover means that whilst you'll have to buy a whole new set at your destination, at least you can be reimbursed for your lost (and probably new) wardrobe.

There are two policy levels with our travel insurance which cover lost baggage:

Our Essential Plus cover, which will cover up to £1,500 of total lost baggage, with a £250 limit for each single item and a £250 limit for valuables (jewellery,watches, cameras etc.).

Our Superior cover, which will cover up to £2,000 of total lost baggage, with a £300 limit for each single item and a £300 limit for valuables (jewellery,watches, cameras etc.).