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Ensuring you have comprehensive travel insurance is important for any holiday but is even more prevalent for a ski holiday. Skiing and snow sports carry a lot more risks than most holidays and you're a lot more likely to injure yourself on the slopes than a beach. The cost of accommodation and specialist sporting equipment, whether hired or owned, can be expensive, but our ski travel insurance can cover these and all other aspects of your holiday.

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No winter holiday is complete without a skiing adventure. Essential Travel offers you affordable travel insurance for 7 different types of skiing and many other winter sports when you add Winter Sports cover to your quote.

Winter Sports cover is available to add onto any of our policies and includes cover for an additional 26 different winter sport. You can add your cover for winter sports as you make your way through the booking process.

Winter sports insurance can cover

Helmet Safety - Wearing a helmet is a requirement for your winter sports travel insurance when taking out a policy with Essential Travel. Failure to wear a helmet could invalidate your entire policy.

Essential Travel's policies are structured so that the best policy for you depends on your trip.

Medical Conditions

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Single, Annual and Backpacker

Snowboard Travel Insurance

Snowboard Travel Insurance

Snowboard Insurance can cover emergency medical expenses, piste closures, ski passes as well as the theft, loss and damage to personal and hired equipment.

Independent Traveller Insurance

Independent Traveller Insurance

Planning your own getaway? Our independent traveller add-on covers extended cancellation, delayed departure & accommodation that would otherwise be covered by a travel agent.

Family Ski Insurance

Family Ski Insurance

Book a family skiing holiday on one policy & everyone can benefit from our comprehensive cover, including loss & theft to personal and hired equipment, ski passes and piste closures.

What Is a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

What Is a Pre-Existing Medical Condition?

Do you have a pre-existing medical condition that you need to declare to your travel insurance provider? Get advice on pre-existing medical conditions.

When is The Best Time to Buy Travel Insurance?

When is The Best Time to Buy Travel Insurance?

Essential Travel recommends the best time to purchase your travel insurance to make sure your holiday is fully covered and you get the most from your policy.

How To Save on Your Holiday Abroad

How To Save on Your Holiday Abroad

Learn how to cut costs on your holiday insurance & receive exclusive travel insurance discounts. Cover for medical emergencies, cancellation and lost luggage.

Listed in the table below are a range of ski-related activities and other winter sports that you are covered for at no extra cost with your Winter Sports add-on.

Winter Sports covered in the same quote

Air boarding Glacier Walking
Big Foot Skiing Huskey Dog Sledging organised and non-competitive
Blade Skating Ice Karting
Bum Boarding Ice Skating
Cross Country/Nordic Skiing Ice Windsurfing
Dog Sledging Kick Sledging
Dry Skiing Langlauf
Ski - blading Snow mobiling
Skiing - alpine Snow Shoe Walking
Skiing off piste with a guide Snow Tubing
Skiing on piste Tobogganing
Sledging Winter Walking (using crampons and ice picks only)
Snow boarding Sledging pulled by horse or reindeer as a passenger

In addition to theft, you are covered for:

Feature Cover Limit Excess
Replacement or repair of equipment up to £750 from £75
Loss or damage of hired equipment up to £510 nil
Closed piste up to £500 nil
Unused ski packs up to £600 nil

Ski pack - Essential Travel will cover for any unused portion of ski school fees, lift passes and hired ski equipment should the policy holder suffer bodily injury or serious illness. We will also cover for the unused portion of any lift pass if lost.

Yes. You can can cover up to 31 days skiing per policy. A backpacker travel insurance policy can cover up to two years continuous travel for those aged 18-55.

Off-piste skiing, or backcountry skiing, is considered as skiing outside of the boundaries of the prepared piste and marked runs, and beyond the are controlled by the ski patrol.

If you plan on skiing off-piste you will need to ensure you have sufficient cover and that will depend on whether or not you will be accompanied by a qualified, resort-approved guide or instructor.

You will automatically be covered for off-piste skiing with a qualified and resort-approved guide when you add winter sports cover to your policy.

However, if you will be skiing off-piste without a guide you will need to specifically select 'off piste skiing' as an hazardous activity. You can do this after selecting your policy and making your selection to customise your policy.

If you decide to ski off-piste without a guide, without the correct level of cover, or against official, published resort advice (such as in the case of an avalanche warning) you will not be covered by your ski insurance.

Pre-existing medical conditions are those that existed before an insurance policy was taken out. Any disease or illness for which you have ever received medication, advice or treatment or experienced symptoms for will need to be declared to us.

Pre-existing medical conditions are those that existed before an insurance policy was taken out. Any disease or illness for which you have ever received medication, advice or treatment or experienced symptoms for.

It is very important that you declare any medical conditions, either using our online medical screening, or by calling our customer services. Failure to declare any medical conditions may invalidate your entire policy.

Many medical costs in Europe can be covered with an European Health Insurance Card but it should not be seen as a substitute for travel insurance. An EHIC will not pay for you mountain rescue, transport costs, cancellation, lost and stolen luggage or piste closures. It is highly advised that you buy a comprehensive ski insurance policy as well as ensuring you have a valid EHIC card.

Off piste with a guide

When you add additional Winter Sports cover, you will automatically be covered for off piste skiing with a resort-approved guide.

Off piste without a guide

Add Winter Sports to your quote and select 'off-piste skiing' under the hazardous activities option to be covered without a guide.

It is important to note that your policy will not be valid should you go off-piste when it has been officially advised against by the resort.

Pre-existing medical cover

As with many of our policies there will be the opportunity to add any pre-existing medical conditions to your policy. You will be asked to declare these with our online medical screening process.

Winter sports automatically covered

Listed in the table below are a range of ski-related activities and other winter sports that you are covered for at no extra cost with your Winter Sports add-on.

Winter Sports

Add Winter Sports to your Single, Annual or Backpacker policy you can take part in over 26 x sports and be covered for:

Medical: you will be covered for emergency medical expenses that occur should you have an accident and require medical attention including cover for mountain rescue, helicopter rescue costs and repatriation

Equipment: Winter Sports cover also provides peace of mind against any theft, loss or damage to your personal or hired equipment as well as any pre-paid fees.

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Cover for your golf equipment and pre-paid green fees can be added to your policy giving you nothing else to work on except your game.

Simply add extra golf protection to your Single, Annual Multi or Backpacker Trip policy to add extra protection for:

  • Your Personal Equipment up to £1000
  • Hired Equipment up to £200
  • Pre-paid Green Fees up to £300
golf trip insurance →


Self employed or working for a company, if you travel for work you can add extra protection against accidental loss, theft or damage to your business equipment to your Single, Annual Multi or Backpacker Trip policies.

Business cover protects equipment such as cameras, mobiles, laptops that you may need to work or have with you in meetings.

business trip insurance →


Sail the seas worry-free by adding extra cover for missed port, cabin confinement and unused excursions to any of our Single, Annual Multi or Backpacker Trip travel insurance policies.

Cruise cover will add extra protection for:

  • Extended baggage cover up to £3,500
  • Missed shore trips up to £500
  • Cabin confinement (due to illness) up to £600
  • Valuables up to £700
cruise insurance →


If you're planning on tying the knot abroad, extra cover for accidental loss, theft or damage to your your wedding clothes, rings, gifts and photos can be added to your Single, Annual Multi or Backpacker Trip policy, to help ensure that your special day is everything it’s meant to be.

  • Wedding Clothes up to £1500 per person
  • Wedding Gifts up to £1000 per couple
  • Wedding Rings up to £250 per person
  • Wedding Photographs up to £750 per person
wedding travel insurance →

Excess Waiver

Should you need to claim on your travel insurance an Excess is the amount that you'll have to pay before we pick up the rest of the bill.

Avoid paying any excesses by adding the Excess Waiver option to your Single, Annual Multi or Backpacker Trip policy.

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Independent Traveller

If you've packaged your holiday yourself (without the help of a travel agent) add the Independent Traveller add-on will provide cover for additional scenarios such as:

  • Extended Cancellation and Curtailment: If you need to cancel or return home early because your booked accommodation becomes unreachable and unusable due to a travel ban or evacuation
  • Extended Delayed & Missed Departure: Not only will we pay you for the first 12 hours of delay, we'll also help with pre-paid travel, accomodation & any alternative travel arrangements you may need to make
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