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Sea Sense: Prepare to be spontaneous

Spontaneity, arguably, is what makes holidays so much fun! It's a time where we get to loosen up, try new things, broaden horizons - live! We want all of those things for our customers. And you can be as spontaneous as you like when you know that you have the correct Travel Insurance.

Our travel insurance provides essential cover not just for disruption to your travel arrangements, lost luggage or illness, but also injuries. An emergency abroad can end up being a costly exercise, especially if you need to be returned to the UK.

Knowing what is included in your travel insurance policy, and any limitations, is essential. Everything you need to keep you away from any nasty surprises is in your policy wording.

5 Tips to remember when booking Travel Insurance

1. Read the policy wording BEFORE you part with any cash
The policy wording for your travel insurance is the little document that helps you to understand what you're covered for - and what you aren't. Taking the time to read before you buy is the only way to ensure you're buying the right insurance for your holiday. You wouldn't book the hotel for your holiday without doing a little research first, would you?

2. Sports holidays usually require EXTRA cover
1 If you're planning on doing sports regularly whilst on holiday, for example, you're going on a water skiing holiday, it's likely that you'll need extra cover.

3. Dangerous sports require EXTRA cover
Over 100 sports are covered FREE on all of our policies. However, if you're planning on doing something a little more dangerous, like scuba diving or kite surfing, you will need to increase your sports cover.

4. Read the Policy Wording AGAIN
Taking 5 minutes to swat up before you go means you'll be able to have fun and try out new activities with peace of mind.

5. Some sports require SPECIAL equipment
Did you know that an insurance policy might become invalidated if you take part.