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Buying travel insurance when pregnant is just as straight forward as buying a standard policy. There's no need for extra medical screening for your pregnancy unless you’ve had previous complications or other pre-existing medical conditions that could affect your pregnancy. We'll also cover you for any illnesses or injuries while you're away, so put your mind at rest and enjoy your holiday before the birth.

Experts' Top Tip - New-borns can be added to your Annual Multi Trip policy easily online and at no extra cost by visiting My Account or contacting our customer services team.

All travel insurance policies include:

Tip – Before you purchase your travel insurance, make sure to consult your doctor to make sure it is safe for you to travel. Also make sure that you know the health requirements of your airline as individual airlines have varying restrictions on the number of weeks of the pregnancy. For advice on do's and don'ts when pregnant, visit our 'How to travel when pregnant' page.

Fortunately, most insurers don't class being pregnant as a 'medical condition'. Taking out travel insurance through Essential Travel, you can be assured of top level financial protection, should any medical emergencies arise during your trip.

As well as securing a reliable travel insurance policy, we also strongly advise expectant mothers to obtain a letter from the Doctor, stating how many weeks pregnant they are, in case the little one decides to arrive early while you are away.

The likelihood of giving birth dramatically increases after the 32 week period, and as such, most insurers will be reluctant to provide travel insurance cover. Essential Travel will provide cover, so long as the cover period does not come within 8 - 16 weeks of the pregnancy due date. We strongly advise that you carefully consider this before taking out a policy, as any breach of conditions will render your cover invalid.

With this being said, we recognise that in some cases, the baby may arrive earlier than expected, before 32 weeks of pregnancy. In these rare instances, you can be assured that our travel insurance policies have you covered. Obtaining written confirmation from your doctor stating exactly how many weeks into the pregnancy you where before the start of the holiday will be very useful, should you need to make a claim under these circumstances.

Only pay for the cover you need

You have the choice of 3 cover levels and 4 areas of cover so that you only pay for the cover you need. Pregnancy is not considered as a pre-existing medical condition, so you won't be expected to pay extra costs.


Compare policies and quotes - Take the time to compare travel insurance policies and quotes. Consider the cover levels you can expect from the policy, paying special attention to the cover amount under 'Medical emergency expenses'. Also, be sure to check that the policy excesses are not too high.

Keep your insurance documents safe - All copies of your policy will be sent to you via email confirmation. This way everything is on your phone and your suitcase isn't bogged down by reams of unnecessary paper.

Get confirmation from your GP - If you'll be using an airline to get to your destination, it's advised to obtain written confirmation from your nurse or GP stating your fitness to travel. While many airlines allow pregnant women to fly with them, it's not uncommon for airline staff to refuse pregnant passengers onto a flight. In these cases, simply providing written confirmation from your doctor will be enough to get you back onto the flight.


Take part in strenuous activities - As an expectant mother, you won't be able to do all the things you might have done before being pregnant. Keep in mind that strenuous activity could be something as simple as doing too much walking. Complications can arise when a mother is not sensible and responsible regarding her physical limitations. Use your holiday time to take it easy, relax and rest before your little one arrives. Don't be afraid to takes things more slowly and to accept help when it's offered.

Travel to a country with a poor healthcare system - While a travel insurance policy will cover you for emergency medical expenses, having a reliable policy is really only the first step to keeping safe while abroad. Travelling to countries with poor healthcare systems and lack of infrastructure increases the risk of difficulties arising when medical attention is required. If you are pregnant and in need of medical assistance, poor healthcare facilities aren't something you want to deal with. When you're choosing a holiday destination, pick somewhere with high quality healthcare, and don't stray too far off the beaten track.

Travel to a country that requires vaccination - Again, while your travel insurance policy may provide you the necessary financial cover, exercising caution and common sense will always stand you in good stead. Unsurprisingly, taking vaccinations is strongly discouraged by doctors and GP's, due to the risk of complications.

Best Places to Travel When Pregnant

Greek Islands - Beach retreats make an ideal 'Baby-moon' destination for soon-to-be parent's. The Greek islands of Corfu, Crete and Mykonos offer sunshine, fresh air and good food, and all within a four hour flight from the UK.

French Riviera - Another popular location for expectant parents, the French Riviera is a stylish place to relax and unwind in the mediterranean heat.

Cotswolds - For those not looking to venture too far out, a country retreat in the Cotswolds makes for the perfect way to enjoy peace and quiet in beautiful surroundings, without ever leaving the country!

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