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Last updated on 12th October 2020

Backpacker travel insurance

Whether you're off on a gap year adventure, taking a career break or just travelling for an extended period, make sure you protect your travel plans with our Backpacker policy.

  • It's specifically designed to cover travel to multiple countries over a long duration
  • Enjoy up to 24 months of cover, which can be purchased up to 60 days prior to the start of your trip
  • Our backpacker policies allow you to work while you travel - you'll be covered for a range of non-manual work such as; restaurant and bar work, volunteering, fruit picking, working as an Au Pair and much more

Customise your policy to suit your trip

Essential Travel customers taking out a backpacker policy can benefit from a number of extras. In addition, there are further ways you can tailor your policy to meet your needs and ensure you're adequately covered for the activities you have planned.

  • Our insurance comes in 3 cover levels so you only pay for the cover you need
  • Add optional extras to your policy - such as winter sports, excess waivers, and more!
  • Choose from 4 areas of cover - UK, Europe, and Worldwide excluding or including the USA

It's impossible to tell what the future holds, and while no one likes to think of anything going wrong during their trip of a life time, it's always best to be prepared for such an eventuality.

"The question isn't if you can afford to buy travel insurance, but if you can afford not to!"

Landing yourself with a hefty hospital bill, facing the high costs of replacing any kit that's lost or stolen, or losing out on money to cancel your trip are all scenarios you risk when you spend time abroad.

Medical Expenses Including Repatriation:

If you are involved in an accident or become ill and require medical attention your travel insurance will save you from forking out on what could be a rather scary medical bill. It will also pay for associated costs should you need to be flown back home.


Should you fall ill and need to cancel your trip as a result, your insurance policy can help you recover the costs you've already paid. Not all cover levels include cancellation, so make sure you select the correct one.


Should something happen that forces you to cut your trip short and return home, curtailment cover will again help you recoup any already paid for costs. Again, not all cover levels include curtailment cover, so make sure you select the correct one.

Personal Liability:

Accidents can happen, and if it turns out to be your fault, your insurance can help, should anyone decide to sue you.

Lost or Stolen Possessions:

You may not have a lot of stuff with you, but the bits you do have will no doubt be essential to your trip like; your passport, mobile, laptop or tablet for example. Losing these or having them stolen will be annoying at best. At worst, it will seriously make a dent in your carefully organised budget as you're forced to cough up to replace the goods.

Adventurous Activities:

Essential travel includes over 100 sports at no extra cost on Backpacker policies. However, if you're considering something a little more adventurous like scuba diving, extra top up cover is available. Think ahead about the activities you're likely to participate in, and add the extra cover if needs be.

Hazardous Sports and activities:

If you want to play sport on holiday, make sure you do so safely by adding the correct sports grade to your policy.

  • 100+ sports are covered at no extra cost on our policies!
  • Volunteering / Work: If you're planning on volunteering or working abroad. Essential Travel's Back packer policy includes non-manual work, at no extra cost!
  • 24 Hour Emergency Assistance Helpline: As an added bonus we offer access to a UK-based 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Helpline with worldwide multi-lingual assistance at no extra cost. This means that should anything happen, you've got support anytime, anywhere.

*Price based on 8 days cover. Prices are reviewed and updated regularly, and may be subject to change.

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