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Post Office Travel Insurance Cover Comparison

You have probably been shopping around for travel insurance providers to quote and compare. You may have come across travel insurance offered by the Post Office and considered it. Essential Travel has compiled a comparative list of features and product prices to simplify the process for you.

Compare Cover

View the difference between the cover levels for the Post Office and Essential Travel below.

Cover Features Compared Essential Travel* Post Office**
Medical Expenses up to £10 million up to £10 million
Baggage up to £2,000 up to £2,000
Cancellation and Curtailment up to £5,000 up to £5,000
Personal Liability up to £2 million up to £2 million
Missed Departure up to £1,000 up to £1,000
Legal Expenses up to £25,000 up to £25,000
Hospital Benefit up to £1,200 up to £300

*Our Superior Policy

**Post Office's Premier Policy

Information correct as of January 2016.

Compare Prices

The following table illustrates the differences in online premiums between Essential Travel holiday insurance and Post Office travel insurance.

Prices Essential Travel* (Single) Post Office** (Single) Essential Travel* (Family) Post Office** (Family)
Single Trip Europe from £12.42 from £23.95 from £35.90 from £47.89
Single Trip Worldwide from £15.41 from £52.05 from £43.44 from £104.11
Annual Trip Europe from £29.67 from £35.22 from £79.26 from £70.44
Annual Trip Worldwide from £42.47 from £76.56 from £111.54 from £153.13

*Our Standard Essential Policies.

**Post Office Standard Policies.

Prices are for 7 nights travel insurance cover from the 27/01/16 - 03/02/16 and are correct at the time of writing (Jan 2016).

The verdict

  • You SAVE up to £60 if you book Essential Travel's Single Trip Worldwide policy for families.
  • The policy features are similar, but with Essential Travel offering higher cover for hospital benefit.

About Essential Travel and Post Office Insurance

Essential Travel is one of the UK's leading travel insurance providers and has provided over 5 million customers with fully comprehensive and affordable travel insurance since 2002.

Post Office provides a range of public and private services including travel insurance, passports, licences and car tax. Its network forms part of the Royal Mail Group.

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