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From only £26.08 per Week

  • Hotel cancellation cover
  • Cover for insolvency of provider
  • Delayed/missed flights cover

From only £26.08 per Week

Travel Insurance for Independent Travellers

Planning your own getaway without travel agents or tour operators could get you exactly the trip you're after without compromising on features. Essential Travel will cover you for these trips when you add extra Independent Traveller Insurance cover to your holiday insurance quote. To add this to your Single, Annual or Backpacker trip, simply complete the quote form and select Independent Traveller as a policy extra after filling in your personal details.

With Independent Traveller protection added to your policy, you enjoy 4 extended benefits:

  1. Extended Cancellation and curtailment: Up to £5,000*
  2. Extended Delayed Departure: Up to £200
  3. Extended Missed Departure: Up to £1,000
  4. Accommodation: Up to £5,000*

*Your cover will not apply if these costs are recoverable from the accommodation or transportation provider themselves.

Experts Top Tip: Independent Traveller is useful if you are planning your own trip or part of it, since you may not be covered under travel industry protection schemes for insolvencies (bankruptcy) and cancellations.

1. Extended Cancellation and Curtailment

You are advised to claim for your benefits when your booked accommodation becomes unreachable and unusable due to a travel ban or evacuation recommendation issued by one of the following bodies:

  • Travel Advice Unit of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)
  • World Health Organisation (WHO)
  • An office/organisation of similar authority

2. Extended Delayed Departure

Not only will we pay you for the first 12 hours of delay, but also every concurrent 12 hour period up to the cover limit indicated in the list above as long as you do eventually continue on your planned trip.

If you are unable to continue on your trip and have paid or are contracted to pay for your public transport and accommodation, you can claim for benefits. Before you claim, be sure that:

  • Your public transport from home is cancelled or delayed for more than 12 hours
  • You are denied boarding due to overbooking and there are no alternatives within 12 hours
  • Air space closures as a direct result of a volcanic eruptions

You also can claim when you have to make alternative travel arrangements because the public transport provider failed to offer reasonable alternatives after:

  • Your public transport is cancelled/delayed for 12 hours, or redirected/diverted after you take off
  • You are not allowed to board and there are no alternative flights within a 12 hour period
  • Volcanic eruptions cause an air space closure

Experts Top Tip: When securing a quote, please note that the Independent Traveller add-on is not available on our Standard cover level.

3. Extended Missed Departure

Missed departure covers you for extra expenses for travel and accommodation if you fail to arrive at your departure point. Conditions for cover include:

  • Public transport failing you
  • Adverse weather conditions, industrial strikes or action
  • Not boarding due to overbooking without securing an alternative flight within 12 hours
  • Air space closing due to volcanic eruptions

4. Accommodation

This extra cover lets you claim for you not being able to reach or use your reserved accommodation. It also incorporates reasonable travel and accommodation costs for you having to move to alternative accommodation or curtail your trip due to:

  • Insolvency of your accommodation provider
  • Infectious disease at your resort
  • Food poisoning at your resort
  • Hurricane storms
  • A tsunami wave
  • Stormy weather
  • An earthquake
  • An avalanche
  • An explosion
  • A landslide
  • Flooding
  • Fire

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Add Extra Cover

You can customise your policy further with pre-existing medical condition cover, sports and a number of other specialist add-ons.

Do You Need to Declare a Medical Condition?

If you have a pre-existing medical condition it’s vital that you declare it or you could invalidate your entire policy. Insurers don’t like to think that you’ve hidden things from them and you may be surprised to find out that many common medical conditions such as allergies can be added without any additional cost. What’s more, you even have the option to declare a condition but then exclude it from your policy. What this means is that you’ve told your insurer about your condition but decided not to cover it, so you will be covered medically for anything unrelated to that condition.

Do You Need Extra Sports or Specialist Cover?

A decent policy will include cover for many sporty or adventure activities as standard. However the more adventurous or dangerous the activity, like winter sports, the more likely it is that you will need to purchase additional sports insurance. You can customise your policy further a number of other specialist add-ons.

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