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Iceland volcano: Bardarbunga ash cloud travel warning

Bardarbunga warning code: ORANGE

(Updated: Thursday 18 December, 2014)
Live Status from the Icelandic Met Office

This page will not be updated until further notice. For up to date information, please visit: The Icelandic Met Office website.

Seismic activity under the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland has prompted the Icelandic Met Office to issue its most severe volcanic eruption warning for two years. The warning has prompted fears that an ash cloud could leave airline passengers out of pocket and stranded across Europe.

If you have bought an insurance policy with Essential Travel or are planning to do so, please read our travel advice below to find out if you are covered should an ash cloud disrupt your travel plans.

Policies bought before the orange aviation warning

If you bought a policy with Essential Travel before the risk level to the aviation industry was raised to orange for Bardarbunga, you will be covered for ash cloud disruption providing that you bought our "Superior" policy level or added "Independent Traveller Cover" to our "Superior", "Essential Plus" or "Essential" policy cover.

Policies bought since the orange aviation warning

If you buy a travel insurance policy with Essential Travel while there is an orange aviation warning level for Bardarbunga, you will need to ensure that you buy a "Superior" level policy or add the optional "Independent Traveller" extra to a "Superior", "Essential Plus" or "Essential" policy level, in order to benefit from ash cloud cover for the Bardarbunga volcano.

After entering your trip details to our quote form, you will be given the option to select which level of cover you desire. It is here you can select our "Superior" cover. To add extra "Independent Traveller" cover, you can do so on the customise page after selecting your policy level.

Policies bought when there is a red aviation code

If the aviation warning level changes to RED for Bardarbunga and you purchase a policy during this time, you will not be covered for any disruption relating to this volcano.

We can still offer volcanic ash cover for any future disruption elsewhere in the world, which are completely unrelated to the Bardarbunga volcano in Iceland. Volcanic ash disruption can be covered with our "Superior" cover and the optional "Independent Traveller" cover (under the "Superior", "Essential Plus" and "Essential" levels of cover).

Volcanic Ash Cover

This element of cover will not operate in relation to the Bardarbunga Volcano in Iceland, if the cover is purchased at a time when the Icelandic Met Office has rated the Volcano's threat status as RED.

Essential Travel's underwriter, White Horse Insurance Ireland DAC, reserve the right to amend their position when circumstances change.