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Health Travel Insurance

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From only per Week

From only per Week*

Nothing should get in the way of any travel plans you have. At Essential Travel, our holiday insurance is designed to cover medical problems, big or small, so you can relax and enjoy yourself knowing you are covered should anything happen.

Travel Health Insurance

At Essential Travel, we believe travel should be made easy, that is why we can provide travel insurance that will comprehensively cover you, even if you have health concerns.

Many common ailments such as allergies are covered as standard on all our policies, but if you have a more serious complaint or pre-existing medical condition, you will need to declare it during the booking process. Once you've declared your condition, you will be taken through our discreet and confidential online medical screening process which will ask you a series of questions that will then provide you with a personalised quote.

Our travel insurance can cover you for:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • Emergency Medical expenses - up to £10million
  • Personal accident - up to £30,000
  • Hospital Benefit - up to £1,200
  • UK, Europe and Worldwide

Useful Information

What level of cover do I need?

Our travel insurance policies offer a range of cover no matter where or for how long you are travelling. Policy holders can choose to travel within the UK, Europe and Worldwide on single, annual multi-trip and backpacker travel insurance policies. Should you need to add a medical condition, winter sports, hazardous activities, wedding cover and much more these can be added as you obtain your quote.

Medical travel insurance

Travel insurance for medical conditions

When you take out a travel insurance policy with Essential, it is very important that you declare any pre-existing medical conditions. You could invalidate your entire policy should you try to claim on a medical condition which you failed to declare when buying travel insurance.

Asthma Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance for asthma sufferers can provide comprehensive holiday cover for your next trip away. If you or your child has asthma, please visit out Asthma Travel Insurance page for more information.

Pregnancy travel insurance

If you are looking for travel insurance for pregnancy, we can provide cover as standard on our single and annual multi trip policies for those who are pregnant up to 32 weeks. There is no need for a medical screening or to declare you are pregnant unless you have had any complications or pre-existing medical conditions.

Diabetes travel insurance

We are able to offer comprehensive and affordable travel insurance for diabetics with our Medical travel insurance policies. You will be taken through a simple, online medical screening process that will ask a series of questions that will provide you with a personalised quote.

Reciprocal Health Agreements

For United Kingdom residents, there are a couple of important reciprocal health care agreements with international governments that you can benefit from, should you run into any health issues while abroad. While these agreements can provide you with limited and emergency health care, you should be aware that they do not act as a replacement for travel insurance and will not cover other problems, for example; cancellation, curtailment, repatriation, and the loss, theft or damage to personal possessions.

European Health Insurance Card

Ensuring you have an EHIC (formally the E111) before you travel is important but it should not be considered as a replacement for a private travel insurance policy. Organising both will give you greater cover helping you to avoid large medical bills in the event of an emergency.

An EHIC entitles UK residents to free or reduced-cost medical treatment for countries in the European Economic Area and Switzerland. It will not cover any private medical healthcare or costs such as repatriation, cancellation or loss of luggage.

You can apply for a free EHIC through the NHS website.

Australia/UK Reciprocal healthcare agreement

As a resident of the United Kingdom you can benefit from a reciprocal health care scheme while in Australia. If you require medical treatment in Australia you must enrol with a local MEDICARE office. You do not need to enrol on arrival but you must do this after the first occasion you receive treatment. In-patient and out-patient treatment at a public hospital is then available free of charge. Details of how to enrol and the free treatment available can be found on the Department for Human Services, Australia website.

*The price quoted is based on one adult, up to 32 weeks pregnant and travelling for 7 days in Europe with no pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel Insurance Reviews

Customers have scored Essential Travel on average 85% 100 based on 1550 reviews.

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