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Travel Insurance Policy Cover FAQs

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What is the maximum duration for a single trip policy?

On our Single Trip Travel Insurance, if you are aged over 65, the maximum trip duration is 31 days. Those aged 65 or under will be covered for 90 days.

If you require cover for a longer duration please select our Backpackers Insurance which provides cover for extended trips of up to 2 years long, across multiple countries.

What if I am going on a single trip holiday but to multiple countries?

That is fine, as long as you leave from and return to the UK within the policy start and finish date. Your single trip policy will cover you for travel to multiple countries. Please note, however, that you need to select cover during your quote for the countries you are travelling to. For example, Worldwide including North America & Caribbean will cover you across the globe.

What is the maximum amount of time I can travel for on my annual policy?

An Annual Multi-trip Insurance will cover you for any number of trips during a 12 month period, as long as each trip starts and ends in the United Kingdom.

You can travel on your Annual Insurance for up to 45 days on any single trip if you are 65 years or under. If you are over 65, the maximum trip duration is 31 days.

Does my annual policy cover me for skiing?

You can opt for Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance with Winter Sports to be covered for skiing. By taking the Winter Sports extension you would be covered for up to 17 days of skiing during the policy period. The option to add Winter Sports cover is available during the booking process.

Does your Winter Sports cover include off piste skiing?

You will be automatically covered for off-piste skiing (skiing outside the boundaries of the prepared piste and marked runs, and beyond the area controlled by the ski patrol) under our Ski Insurance - provided you are accompanied by a qualified, resort-approved guide or instructor. If you plan to ski without a guide, you need to select Grade 4 sports cover and pay the additional premium, but please note that you are not covered for any reckless behaviour or for skiing in restricted areas.

Am I covered for scuba diving?

Depending on the level of sports grade cover you select, your policy will cover you for scuba diving.

You can find out more about the level of scuba diving you are covered for at each sports cover grade on our scuba diving insurance page.

What hazardous or dangerous activities am I covered for?

Hazardous sporting activities are covered depending on which level of sports cover you opt for. We offer sports cover ranging from Grade 1 through to Grade 4.

Please note: Grade 1 activities will be covered on any Essential Travel Insurance policy at no extra charge. Grade 2, 3 and 4 activities will require an additional charge.

Please use our sport/activity search box on the Sports Holiday Insurance page to check which activities are covered at each grade.

If you are going to take part in a hazardous sport which is not listed, please contact us.

There has been a natural disaster or an act of war or terrorism recently at my chosen country of holiday, am I safe to travel there? Will I be covered?

We will only cover people travelling to destinations approved by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). Please view FCO's country advice to check you will be covered travelling to your intended destination.

What if the airline I'm travelling with goes bust?

Our policies automatically insure you for chartered airline failure. However, you are only covered for Failure of Carrier with our Superior cover policy.

Please note: We are one of only a few travel insurers to offer cover for Failure of Carrier.

What is the difference between a scheduled and charter airline?

Charter flights tend to operate for shorter seasons and often to popular package holiday destinations. They often operate on fixed 7 day or 14 day return packages and offer less flexibility than scheduled airlines when it comes to amendments. Some examples of charter airlines include Airtours, TUI and easyJet.

Scheduled airlines operate throughout the year to fixed or 'scheduled' departure times. They are often national airlines which fly to major city destinations. Some examples of scheduled airlines are British Airways, Air France and American Airlines.

What if I am made redundant and can't afford to go on the holiday I booked?

If you are forced to cancel your holiday due to being made redundant (provided you were unaware of it happening at the time of booking) this is covered for cancellations and curtailment.

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