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Travel Insurance for Disabilities

Choosing the right disabled travel insurance for your holiday doesn't need to be a stressful or expensive experience. In fact, here at Essential Travel we are so passionate that it should be the same experience as any standard travel insurance, that we try to cover as many disabilities (which meet certain criteria) as possible for free.

You book it in the same way as standard travel insurance, you just need to complete an additional medical screening process. This can take a few minutes, but will allow us to make an accurate and fair assessment of your disability and provide you with the best possible price.

We offer 3 levels of cover for our Disabled Travel Insurance:

Essential Medical- with £5million medical emergency expenses and £2,500 cancellation cover

Essential Plus Medical- with £5million medical emergency expenses, £2,500 cancellation cover and £1,500 personal possessions

Superior Medical- with £10million medical emergency expenses, £10million £5,000 cancellation cover and £2,000 personal possessions

Disabilities you need to declare

We aim to offer cover for all disabilities and will consider all medical conditions. When you're filling out your online quote or via the telephone, you will be asked a series of questions which will determine the condition(s) you will need to declare. Make sure you declare all of your pre-existing medical conditions as if you do not, you risk invalidating your policy.

Some of these questions include:

  • Has your (or anyone travelling with you) doctor altered your regular prescribed medication in the last 3 months?
  • In the last 2 years have you (or anyone travelling with you) been treated for any medical condition which has been deemed or referred to as a serious or re-occurring medical condition?

To see the full list of questions you will be asked, fill out your details in the search engine to start the quote process.

Tips for buying Disabled Travel Insurance


Any medication you need for your disability can be covered for loss and theft by our baggage cover. We offer two policies with baggage cover; our Essential Plus (up to £1,500) and our Superior cover (up to £2,000). And if your bag is temporarily lost in transit on your outward journey (and not returned within 12 hours), we also cover the emergency replacement of your medication.


Unfortunately, our travel insurance for disabilities does not provide cover for wheelchairs with our medical travel insurance. If you do require cover for your wheelchair, you will either need to add your wheelchair to your household insurance, take out specialist wheelchair cover, or alternatively find a travel insurance policy which does not exclude wheelchairs from their baggage cover.

Hearing aids

Our disabled travel insurance will not cover hearing aids. If you do want cover for your hearing aid you will either need specific hearing aid insurance, to include it your household contents insurance or specialist disability insurance.

Mobility aids

We do not offer cover for mobility aids in our disabled travel insurance. If you do have expensive mobility equipment and wish to cover it, you might want to consider either taking out specialist disability insurance, specific mobility equipment insurance or even adding it to your household contents insurance.

Medical equipment

Unfortunately, we do not cover any medical equipment in our disabled travel insurance. Medical equipment can be vital and expensive equipment you can't live without, so we would always recommend making sure it's covered. If you do have medical equipment and wish to cover it, you might want to consider specialist disability travel insurance or specific medical equipment insurance.

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