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Direct Line Holiday Insurance

Essential Travel has taken the time to speed up your travel insurance price comparisons. Compare the features and costs of holiday insurance from Essential Travel and Direct Line below.

Travel Insurance Comparison

When you embark on you travels, it is always a good idea to know the extent of your cover and how much it will cost. Take a look at the table below to see how Direct Line competes with Essential Travel on some key features:

Cover Features Essential Travel* Direct Line
Medical Expenses up to £10 million up to £5 million
Personal Liability up to £2 million up to £2 million
Cancellation and Curtailment up to £5,000 up to £5,000
Baggage up to £2,000 up to £1,500
Legal Expenses up to £25,000 up to £50,000

*from Superior Policies, prices are correct as of October 2012

Prices Compared

Below is a price comparison table for the costs of Direct Line travel insurance versus Essential Travel holiday insurance.

Prices Essential
Single Trip Europe from £6.94 from £27.90 from £13.90 from £44.38
Single Trip Worldwide from £12.38 from £38.33 from £24.76 from £67.34
Annual Trip Europe from £32.29 from £49.55 from £38.46 from £85.37
Annual Trip Worldwide from £42.05 from £62.34 from £51.56 from £103.63
*from Standard Policies, prices are correct as of October 2012

The findings

  • You SAVE up to 75% by purchasing the Essential Travel Single Trip policy
  • Essential Travel offers better value overall by offering similar cover levels yet lower prices than Direct Line
  • Essential Travel offers more cover for Medical Expenses and Baggage than Direct Line
  • Direct Line offers higher cover for Legal Expenses than Essential Travel

About Essential Travel and Direct Line

Essential Travel has been specialising in holiday extras since 2002. Our affordable travel insurance, airport parking and airport hotels have been offered to more than 5 million satisfied customers. As such, Essential travel was named, 'The UK's favourite travel provider', by the Daily Telegraph in 2009.

Direct Line started in the UK in 1985 as a car insurance company. It now offers a variety of insurance options available over the telephone and internet, locally and internationally.

Experts' Top Tip – We offer customised policies with a range of optional extras, such as Golf, Winter Sports and high risk Sports.

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