Travel Insurance for Diabetics

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If you are a diabetic patient, you can add extra medical cover easily to any of our Single Trip, Annual Multi Trip or Backpacker policies. We offer diabetic travel insurance quotations tailored to your specific type of diabetes, which ensures you are not paying over the odds to cover your condition.

Medical Screening Questions for Diabetes

Our discreet and confidential online medical screening may ask you the following questions in order to offer the best travel insurance for diabetics:

Experts' Top Tip - It's important to have your medical history on hand as our online medical screening questionnaire will ask you some questions about any medication you may be taking.

Customise your policy

Our travel insurance offers you 4 different policy levels and 4 destination areas so that you only pay for the cover you need. By completing our online medical screening process you will receive a tailor made quote specifically for your condition that can be added to your policy easily. You can also add extra cover for cruise, business weddings and sports.

All travel insurance policies include:

If you are over 74, please see our Over 74s travel insurance page.

Don't want to add extra protection for diabetes?

If you have a medical condition we strongly advise that you declare it. However, if you do not wish to add the extra cover, you can choose to exclude cover for diabetes from your policy after you have completed the easy online medical screening process.

Diabetes UK travel insurance

Recent stats from Diabetes UK show that prescriptions written for diabetes have doubled in the UK in the last half a decade. That means more people need to be aware of their condition, especially on holiday where their diet may change. That's why we offer the option to cover your condition on your travels after completing the online medical screening questionnaire.

Travel insurance Diabetes and High Blood pressure

We recognise that along with diabetes, many travellers will also suffer from high blood pressure. Approximately 25% of people with type 1 diabetes and 80% of people with type 2 diabetes will also have to deal with high blood pressure. When you book travel insurance through Essential Travel, there's no need to worry about these conditions complicating your quote or cover. Simply declaring both conditions as you take our online medical screening will help us put together the right policy for you.

Travel insurance for Diabetic children

Booking travel insurance for children is just as simple as booking for an adult, and this won't change, even if the child has diabetes. Simply follow the online screening process, answering the questions in behalf of your child. Our policies, cover both type 1 and type 2 diabetic children. If you are taking out a travel insurance policy for a child with diabetes, please be aware that the child cannot be the sole policy holder, and that another adult will need to be travelling with the child under the same policy.

Before you go...

Pay a visit to the Doctors'

It's vitally important that you visit your doctor at least two month before you are due to travel. Travelling will inevitably bring significant changes to your routine, such as time-zone differences and increased physical activity. Your doctor can help you to safely adjust your insulin plan to incorporate these differences. It's also a good idea to have your doctor write up a document describing your diabetes, along with your right to carry equipment and supplies related to your condition. Try to keep your medication in the original pharmacy packaging as this will save the hassle of having to explain to airline staff.

Plan ahead

As well has speaking to your doctor, we also strongly advise getting in contact with the airline or travel company you'll be journeying with. If you are flying, mid-flight meals are notoriously unhealthy, so make a request for a vegetarian or diabetic-friendly meal. You should also inquire about any medical emergency procedures, and whether the staff would be equipped to cater for you, should an issue related to your diabetes arise.

While travelling...

Take a carry-on

Though you might want to keep your hand luggage as light as possible, it's never a good idea to demote your diabetes supplies to the checked in luggage, just for the sake of more space. What happens if you need them during the flight? Or what would you do if your baggage is lost in transit? It's wise to have your diabetes supplies close to hand, in a small bag under your seat if possible.

Look after your pump

If you are flying, the changes in air pressure during take-off and landing can greatly affect the use of your pump. It's advised to disconnect your pump at these times, only using it once the plane has reached it's cruising altitude.

While you're away...

Strategically indulge

When you're on holiday there'll be plenty of opportunities to indulge, and let's face it: sometimes you do need to treat yourself. Maybe, you're on an all inclusive cruise, and there's a fantastic looking dessert buffet...what will you do? Moderation is really the key here - remembering that you may have to take a lighter main course, if you want to sample the desserts for example. Try to maintain a varied diet with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole-grains and lean protein. When you want to indulge, keep portion sizes reasonable.

Go easy on the booze

Drinks like sugary cocktails and some beers are insanely carb-heavy and can send your blood-glucose levels through the roof if you're not careful. It might be wise to stick to water or diet soft drinks if you are having a richer meal. If you plan to drink, wine and light beer are safer options. Don't ever drink on an empty stomach and check your blood-glucose levels periodically, as even a small amount of alcohol can hide the warning signs of hypoglycemia.

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