Children's Travel Insurance

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From only £7.22 per Week

  • Children up to 18 years old
  • Ideal for school trips & children travelling alone
  • Medical, cancellation & baggage cover
  • 24hr Emergency Assistance
  • UK, Europe & Worldwide

From only £7.22 per Week

At some point it is likely your child will need to travel unaccompanied from you, and while you cannot physically be there to look after them, you will want to ensure they have insurance in place should anything happen. Our Children's Travel Insurance is significantly cheaper than an adult policy and can give you peace of mind when your child is out of sight, no matter where or how far they travel.

There may be occasions when your child needs travel insurance but you are not travelling with them, such as a school trip, visiting relatives or travelling to meet friends or family. This is where our Children's Travel Insurance will come in handy. Providing that your child is accompanied by a responsible adult, such as a relative, guardian or school teacher; they will be covered.

You don't need to search for children's cover, just begin filling out your child's details in the form above and we'll apply the cheaper premium over the page.

Important: Is your child already named on an annual or family policy, and travelling within the dates stipulated on the insurance certificate? If they are, it is possible they are already covered to travel separately from you, as long as they are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Travel Insurance for Children can cover:

  • UK, Europe and Worldwide travel
  • Winter Sports
  • Medical Expenses - up to £10million
  • Personal Possessions - up to £2000
  • Cancellation - up to £5000

Useful information:

As a parent, sending your child away unaccompanied can be a frightening prospect, so finding them the best travel insurance is important to reassure you they will be protected should anything happen. Essential Travel Insurance has four policy levels, all offering your child the best possible cover.

Finding kids holiday insurance is slightly different from an adult policy. That is why we can provide cover for things such as loss, theft or damage to personal money and possessions as well as cover for all those activities they get up to.

Single or multi trip?

If you know your child is travelling unaccompanied just once or twice in the next year a single trip policy is likely to be best for you. However, if there is a possibility they will be travelling unaccompanied more than twice over the next year, it may be worth selecting an annual multi trip policy for your child's travel insurance.

As a guide; a child under 16 years old travelling in Europe on a single trip policy for 1 week can be covered from £7.22 . A child under 18 years old travelling in Europe on an annual policy with unlimited trips can be covered from £16.42.

You can switch between a single and an annual policy when receiving a quote to see the difference in price.

Sports & activities

Kids tend to be pretty active, especially on holiday, so you will be pleased to know we cover over 100 sports as standard for FREE with our travel insurance for kids. As you make your way through the booking process you will also have the option to add more hazardous activities and sports insurance to ensure your child is covered no matter what they get up to.

Winter Sports

If your child is going on a school ski trip or visiting relatives for a holiday on the slopes you will want to add our winter sports cover to their holiday insurance. As standard, our cover will provide protection for:

  • 26 different winter sports
  • Hired and personal equipment
  • Ski passes and piste closure

Pre-existing medical conditions

We don't believe that a medical condition or disability should hinder anyone from going on holiday. Whilst we do not offer our own specialist Children's Medical Travel Insurance, if your child has a disability or any other pre-existing medical condition we can refer you to our specialist Medical Travel Insurance partner Latitude. For more information or to book Latitude cover, please call our Latitude team on 0800 042 0309 and quote the agent code "WC492".

Please note: Latitude provides different levels of cover to Essential Travel Insurance and is underwritten by AGA. Children are currently charged at adult rates.

Travel Insurance Reviews

Customers have scored Essential Travel 8.5 (ratings from 0-10) based on 1551 reviews.

Our Customers Say -  Easiest company to deal with for children's travel insurance. I tried several 'known' insurance companies and made lots of Google searches to try to get travel insurance for my 5-year-old grandson for when he is coming on holiday with us without his parents. For all my efforts this was the only company I could find that allowed an online application and the order was dealt with in minutes. I won't say how much it cost for an 8 day European travel insurance for the 5-year-old, other than to say it was way lower than my expectations. Superb company to deal with - William Robb, United Kingdom .

Things to consider for children travelling alone

The cheapest policies are not always the best option and parents will want to understand advice and available cover levels of travel insurance for children travelling alone.

Common restrictions for children flying unaccompanied:

If your child is flying by themselves it is your responsibility to double check the airlines own policies before buying a ticket. They will each have their own specific rules and regulations concerning age and the type of flight an unaccompanied minor can take.

While the number and type of restrictions vary by airline, typical limitations include the following:

  • Children must be aged 5 years and older
  • Unaccompanied children only permitted on nonstop flights
  • Prohibited from flying on the last flight of the day for that destination
  • Require earlier check in
  • Charging adult fares or additional fees for unaccompanied children

Paperwork: As the legal guardian of your child, you will be responsible for ensuring that all relevant documents - passport, visas, insurance - are in order before they travel.

Buy them their own passport: If your child is travelling abroad without you, they will need to have their own passport in their own name. You can buy a child passport from the UK passport office or pick up a form from the Post Office.

It can take up to 3 weeks to receive a new passport. If you need to apply for a passport urgently, you can use the government FastTrack service.

Check the rules for your destination: The country to which your child is travelling may have different rules about how old they can be to travel alone, so you will need to check with the airline to ensure it is fine for them to travel without you.

Additional preparation & costs: Airlines will often require you to pay extra for someone to chaperone your child and will often need at least 24 hours notice. Ensure you contact the airline well in advance of travel and before purchasing a ticket.

Some airlines will also require the parent or guardian dropping the child off to remain in the airport until the flight has departed, and will only allow the child to leave the destination airport with a pre-approved, responsible adult with photographic ID.

You should contact the customer services department of the particular service or airline you are using if you need any additional information before making a booking. No matter the rules for the airline, you should ensure your child has the best travel insurance to cover any eventuality while away.

Wherever your child is going you will want to ensure they have the right level of travel insurance in place. We offer four policy levels for your child as well as the option to add extra cover for hazardous activities and snow sports. As with all our policies you will receive the option to add extra protection to your child's travel insurance as you make your booking.

Winter sports cover

No matter if your child is on a school ski trip to the Alps or snowboarding with family in the USA you can cover them for 26 different winter sports. After selecting the level of cover for your child, you will be given the option to add winter sports cover for one low cost price.

Note: Winter sports cover is not available on our Standard Essential Under 18's policy.

Will they need extra cover for sports and hazardous activities?

Our unaccompanied child's travel insurance covers over 100 sports and activities as standard on all levels of our policy, but for the more adventurous child out there we can provide hazardous activity cover too. After selecting your policy you will be given the option to add additional activities and sports insurance.

All Sports Grades

Sports and Activities Insurance
Abseiling Adventure Sports
Boxing Bungee Jump
Cycling Golf Insurance
Motorcycling Mountain Biking
Sailing Scuba Diving
Ski Insurance Snowboarding Insurance
Trekking Water Sports
Winter Sports

Frequently Asked Questions

Find commonly asked questions about children's travel insurance by clicking on the questions below.

I have a family/annual multi-trip policy, will my child be covered if they travel separately?

Yes - children under the age of 18 named on a family or annual travel insurance policy can be covered providing they are accompanied by a responsible adult, such as a teacher, relative or guardian. If they are participating in additional activities, such as winters sports or hazardous activities that are not covered on the existing policy, an upgrade will be necessary to ensure complete cover.

Can I add winter sports cover to a child's travel insurance?

Yes. What is more, our winter sport cover not only provides protection for skiing and snowboarding, but 24 other winter sports too (see below). As you go through the booking process you will be able to add winter sports cover to your child's insurance premium.

No helmet, no insurance

As part of our Use Your Head campaign - it is compulsory to wear a helmet whilst participating in winter sports to be fully covered by our winter sports travel insurance.

Does winter sports cover include skiing off piste?

If you add winter sports cover to your child's travel insurance, they will automatically be covered for skiing off piste (skiing outside the boundaries of the prepared piste and marked runs, and beyond the area controlled by the ski patrol) provided they are accompanied by a qualified, resort-approved guide or instructor. If they plan on skiing without a guide, you need to select Grade 4 sports cover and pay an additional premium, but please note that they will not be covered for any reckless behaviour or skiing in restricted areas.

Winter Sports covered in the same quote
Air boarding Glacier Walking
Big Foot Skiing Huskey Dog Sledging organised and non-competitive
Blade Skating Ice Karting
Bum Boarding Ice Skating
Cross Country/Nordic Skiing Ice Windsurfing
Dog Sledging Kick Sledging
Dry Skiing Langlauf
Ski - blading Snow mobiling
Skiing - alpine Snow Shoe Walking
Skiing off piste with a guide Snow Tubing
Skiing on piste Tobogganing
Sledging Winter Walking (using crampons and ice picks only)
Sledging - pulled by a horse or reindeer as a passenger
Snow boarding

What activities and sports are covered on a child's insurance policy?

We know children can be particularly active while away, that is why at no extra cost Essential Travel covers 110 sports as standard on our children's travel insurance. If your child is likely to be taking part in something a little more adventurous, you will be able to add hazardous activities and sports after selecting the level of cover they require. These activities are graded 1 to 4 depending on the level of risk they pose. Grade 1 activities are considered low risk and will be covered at no extra charge, but Grades 2, 3 and 4 will add an additional charge to your child's premium. After selecting the level of cover your child requires you will be prompted to add any activities in which they are likely to participate.

Please note: If your child is going on a skiing or golfing holiday, we advise that they are covered with our winter sports or golf travel insurance to benefit from specialised cover.

How do I upgrade the level of cover and increase geographical limits?

Please contact us to upgrade the policy to include additional winter sports cover, superior cover, additional grades of sports and activities or increase the geographical limits of your policy, (eg. Upgrade from Europe to Worldwide cover).

Please note: Unfortunately we are unable to downgrade your policy.

How do I cancel a policy?

To ensure you have chosen the right policy and level of cover to suit your needs, you can cancel your child's travel insurance within 14 days and receive a full refund.

If you wish to cancel your policy during this cooling off period, please contact us to cancel. Outside of the 14 days' cooling off period, please contact customer services.

Please note: It is not possible to cancel a policy once it has commenced.