Travel Insurance for Children Travelling Alone

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Travel Insurance for Children Travelling Alone

It's not easy letting our children travel without us. When we do, it's vital to ensure they're protected. Children's Travel Insurance gives you peace of mind, caring for your child when you may not be able to.

How to choose the best Children's Travel Insurance

Most companies will insure children travelling alone, but types of policy, levels of cover and even the policy names vary, so it can be tricky to decide which one to choose. If you decide to buy a policy, you'll need to double check the policy offers the right cover for your child.

Types of Cover

The main types of policy are 'Single Trip' and 'Annual Multi-trip'.

Children travelling alone usually need 'Single Trip' travel insurance. Treat it as you would your own holiday insurance; ensure your child has an appropriate level of cover for the essentials, such as personal accident, cancellation and curtailment, then add any extras they'll require.

We now sell Annual Multi-Trip policies just for children, meaning they can now travel alone and aren't bound by a family policy.

Read your policy documents or contact your insurance provider directly to be sure.

How old are they?

Your child's age matters when buying Children's Travel Insurance. The majority of companies class a child as under 18 but some only offer policies for children under 16.

If your child is celebrating a birthday whilst they are away, check with the company if it will affect your cover. But beware, just because it won't affect one company's policy doesn't mean it won't affect the next, so remember to check with each company and avoid any unwanted surprises.

What will they be doing?

If your child will be doing any activities or sports on the trip it is important to make sure they are included in the policy. Kids will be kids so most companies will have a list of activities already included in children's travel insurance, which you can find in the terms and conditions.

If the activity is not listed, you will need to add it to the policy, so prepare to pay a premium for higher risk activities.

Winter sports like skiing and snowboarding require extra cover. Winter Sports Cover is normally listed as an extra that you can just add straight to the policy with minimal hassle.

Whatever the activity, it is always worth having the correct and appropriate medical cover in place so that, in the unlikely event of an accident, your child will receive comprehensive care and you won't be landed with a sizeable medical bill.

A quick checklist when buying Travel Insurance for kids:

  • Activity Cover
  • Adequate Medical Cover
  • Cancellation matches value of holiday
  • Lost luggage and lost possessions match the total value of possessions your child has with them (including all those gadgets)

Select the right insurance options for your child's needs and don't forget, if you're unsure about anything give the company a call.

Check out our own Children's Travel Insurance for children under 18 and benefit from Medical Expenses Cover of up to £10 million, 24hr emergency assistance and all the essentials.

Travel Insurance for children going on a school trip

Travel insurance for children going on a school trip is pretty much always covered by the school. This will normally be included in a school package the school buys from a third party, or will be bought as a group travel insurance policy separately. Either way, you can find out what your child is covered for by contacting the school.

This also usually applies to any group trips and excursion you buy for your kids privately, including summer camps and adventure weekends. The company will normally tell you if you need to buy any insurance for your child yourself, but always check the booking to be 100% certain.

If you do need to buy travel insurance for your child going away on a trip, you can buy normal Children's Travel Insurance and add on any extra activities.

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