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10 Reasons to Take a Career Break

Reignite The Passion For Your Profession

Escape From The Rat Race!

Reignite The Passion For Your Profession

Escape From The Rat Race!

If the daily grind of your current job is getting you down and you’re even contemplating throwing in the towel and looking for something else, sometimes all you need is a change of scenery to get back your joie de vivre, it doesn’t have to be complete overhaul of life as you know it. Did you know that you could reignite your working life by taking a career break or sabbatical doing something you already know how to do?

Use Your Existing Skills to Help Others

"The skills and expertise you use everyday in your current role are in high demand."

That’s right, the skills and expertise you use everyday in your current role are in high demand! Many organisations are encouraging professionals on a career break and retired seniors to take part in voluntary work in a developing country. They are actively looking for people with a skill or qualification who want to make a difference and use their knowledge to help some of the poorest communities in the world.

What Skills and Experience Are In Demand?

Projects Abroad PRO ( are in search of volunteers with specific skills, qualifications and experience. They offer projects in Business Development, Culture & Media, Education, Engineering, Environment, Human Rights, Medical and Social Work in a total of 20 destinations in the developing world.

A spokesperson for Projects Abroad comments; “We send many mature volunteers overseas - many are looking for a career break, or are thinking of a change of direction. Quite a few of our volunteers are in their thirties or forties, some are older and a few have even taken retirement. The mature outlook you can bring to a project is often invaluable.”

Outreach International ( welcome applications from physiotherapists, computer technicians and IT specialists, solicitors and other lawyers, administrators, marketing professionals, social workers, musicians, artists and art therapists.

Raleigh International ( require between 25 to 40 volunteer managers, aged from 25 to 75, with a variety of skills to lead community, environmental and adventure projects or provide operational support from their permanent field bases.

Bring Your Experiences Back to The Office

"The experience you gain whilst away will undoubtedly be something that you bring home and back to the office."

Today’s busy lifestyles, limited holidays and experience of other cultures, can make you lose your creativity and become professionally stagnant. You get stuck in a box of routine problem solving that doesn’t allow for innovation, strokes of genius or new perspectives.

Breaking free from this by mundanity by devoting your time and skill to a sabbatical, career break or even a holiday, the experience you gain will undoubtedly be something that you bring home and back to the office.

Return With Enhanced Skills & Capabilities

People who take a break often come back to work with enhanced skills and better potential for career progression. It can lead to you having skills that others may not have, such as having experience of dealing with a wider variety of people and having to make unusual decisions. People who go on a sabbatical or career break typically gain confidence, return to work rejuvenated, and usually feel more loyal to their employer for giving them time off. Employers rate employees who have lived or worked abroad and been able to successfully adjust to a new culture.

Megan Lee, spokesperson for Go Overseas comments, "There are so many benefits to working abroad that it is difficult to focus on only a few! If your current or anticipated career hinges on language skills, an obvious benefit of working abroad is possible immersion into your target language. Beyond gaining fluency in a different tongue, you'll also become more globally competent. Functioning successfully in an entirely new culture is both challenging, rewarding, and a skill not many can boast. With that in mind, a work abroad experience will make you a more attractive candidate to future employers AND set you apart from the competition! You will develop advanced intercultural and interpersonal skills that simply can't be done from within your home country. All in all, you'll never know all of these wonderful benefits unless you take the leap of faith and try your luck at working abroad! Go for it!"

Next Steps To Reigniting Your Life?

Re-ignite the passionTake that career break and go for it!

Now that you see that you don’t have to throw in the towel completely and taking a well thought out break to re-discover the passion for your profession, the next step is undoubtedly, preparing to ask your boss to make sure that you pitch it in such a way, it’ll be impossible to refuse!

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