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Taking a career break or a gap year is no doubt one of the most exciting and daunting journeys you'll ever take. Fear not, intrepid traveler! We'll help you turn your dreams into reality by showing you what's available and providing advice from industry experts. We've also thrown in some inspirational "I did it" stories from like-minded travellers to ensure you have the trip of your life.

"It's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen; but it's harder to give up when you know it's everything you want" - Anonymous.

Interrailing Around Europe

Travelling by train across Europe allows you the opportunity to see parts the country you wouldn't normally see. Purchasing an Interrail pass gives you unlimited travel across Europe for a fraction of the price of normal train fares. We examine the good and bad of train travel.

Travelling Solo

Travelling Solo

If you haven't got someone to travel with, don't let that put you off! Learn why here.

Become a Ski Instructor

Become a Ski or Snowboarding Instructor

Get paid to do something you love by becoming a ski or snowboarding instructor. Here's how!

Learn A Language on A Gap Year

If you're interested in learning a language to work or travel, here are some options on how you can go about it.

Get Paid To Travel

How To Find Paid Work Abroad

Not sure how? Check out our top 10 organisations to help you find paid work abroad.

Save 15% on Your Backpacker Insurance

No career break of gap year is complete without a comprehensive travel insurance to protect you from the bumps in the road. Get a Quote and Save 15% Now!

Travel & See The World

5 Great Travel Routes

Not sure where to go? Have your pick with these 5 cracking travel routes to ensure you have the trip of your life.

Teach English Abroad

Teach English Abroad

Teaching abroad is one of the most popular gap year and career break experiences, for good reason!

Overseas Internships

Overseas Internships

Donate your time, learn a new skill to pimp your CV & get ahead.

Get Paid to Ski

Get Paid to Ski Abroad

Make the most of the winter season by working in ski resorts.

FREE A - Z Backpacker Bible

Free to download, our A-Z Bible contains everything a backpacker needs to help prepare for the road ahead. It can also be added to mobile devices such as iPads and Kindles so you can take it on your travels!

Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Devote your summer to teaching kids and the great outdoors.

Become A Digital Nomad

Digital Nomad

Work from anywhere in the world like this new breed of workers cum travellers.

Cultural Retreats

Cultural Retreats & Yoga Breaks

Take some time out to reboot, relax & refocus by detoxing, taking up yoga and awakening your spirituality.

Au Pair

Au Pair Abroad

If you adore being around children then being an Au Pair might be right for you.

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