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Annual Travel Insurance

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  5. For UK and ROI residents only
  6. If you are aged 75 or over please visit our partner Vital Health

From only £29.67 per Year

  • Unlimited trips in a year
  • Pre-existing medical cover
    in partnership with Latitude Travel Insurance
  • Medical, cancellation & baggage cover
  • UK, Europe and Worldwide cover

From only £29.67 per Year

If you plan on taking more than two trips this year, our Multi-Trip Annual travel insurance could help save you time and money. Customise your level of cover for pre-existing medical conditions, hazardous activities and much more without the hassle of taking out a new policy every time you travel.

Our travel insurance offers 4 levels of cover, all designed to give you peace of mind, no matter how frequent or far you travel.

Annual Multi Trip travel insurance can cover you for:

  • Unlimited trips (up to 45 days each*) within 365 days
  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • UK travel, Europe and Worldwide
  • Emergency Medical expenses - up to £10million
  • Personal possessions - up to £2,000
  • Cancellation - up to £5,000

* 17 days if you add Winter Sports cover

Useful Information

Is annual travel insurance suitable for me?

If you’re likely to take more than 2 separate trips within the next 12 months, chances are you will benefit from taking out our Annual Travel insurance.

If you plan on travelling just once or twice in the next year, it may be best to take a Single Trip Policy - covering one trip up to 87 days. However, if you travel for more than 87 days consecutively, our Backpackers Insurance may be your best option - covering up to 2 years continuous travel.

What level of cover do I need?

Our Annual travel insurance offers 4 levels of cover - Standard Essential, Essential, Essential Plus and Superior Essential - all of which come with the option to customise your policy - meaning winter sports, hazardous activities, weddings and much more can be added as you obtain your quote. To have a better idea about the level of cover you may require for your annual multi trip insurance, you can also dowload our policy wording.

Do I need to declare a pre-existing medical condition?

It is very important you declare any pre-existing medical conditions when obtaining a quote - failure to do so may invalidate your entire policy. It is important to note that many common medical conditions such as allergies can be added to your policy at no extra cost - just ensure you declare any conditions when obtaining a quote.

If you’re likely to undergo tests for any medical conditions within the next year, which you would later have to declare, an annual holiday insurance may not be the best policy for you. In this instance, to ensure you are sufficiently covered, it may be advisable to take out a Single Trip Travel Insurance declaring pre-existing medical conditions before travelling.

Does my EHIC not cover me?

The European Health Insurance Card or EHIC is not an alternative to a private travel insurance policy. It does not cover any private medical healthcare or costs such as repatriation, cancellation or loss of luggage. Therefore, it is important to have both an EHIC and a valid private travel insurance policy in place before you travel. An EHIC entitles the holder to free or discounted medical treatment at state run hospitals and GPs in any European Union country, plus Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. For more information, be sure to visit our dedicated EHIC page.

Travel Insurance Reviews

Customers have scored Essential Travel 8.5 (ratings from 0-10) based on 1551 reviews.

Save an extra 10% on Airport Parking for 1 year

As an added bonus, you will also be entitled to an exclusive 10% discount on your Airport Parking for the duration of your policy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find commonly asked questions about annual travel insurance by clicking on the questions below.

How many trips can you take with an annual travel insurance policy?

Our multi trip travel insurance will cover you for an unlimited number of trips during a 12 month period, as long as each trip starts and ends in the United Kingdom.

You can travel for up to 45 days on any single trip if you are 65 years or under. If you are over 65, the maximum trip duration is 31 days.

Does annual travel insurance cover winter sports?

Not automatically, but as you make your way through the booking process you will be given the option to add winter sports to your annual multi trip insurance policy. We cover 26 winter sports (below) in the same quote, including skiing and snowboarding, which will provide a maximum of 17 days cover for those aged between 2 and 65 years old.

No helmet, no insurance

It is important to remember that it is compulsory to wear a helmet while participating in these activities in order to be fully covered by our winter sports travel insurance policies.

Does winter sports cover include skiing off piste?

If you add winter sports cover to your annual travel insurance, you are automatically covered for skiing off piste (skiing outside the boundaries of the prepared piste and marked runs, and beyond the area controlled by the ski patrol) provided you are accompanied by a qualified, resort-approved guide or instructor. If you plan to ski without a guide, you need to select Grade 4 sports cover and pay the additional premium, but please note that you are not covered for any reckless behaviour or for skiing in restricted areas.

Winter Sports covered in the same quote
Air boarding Glacier Walking
Big Foot Skiing Huskey Dog Sledging organised and non-competitive
Blade Skating Ice Karting
Bum Boarding Ice Skating
Cross Country/Nordic Skiing Ice Windsurfing
Dog Sledging Kick Sledging
Dry Skiing Langlauf
Ski - blading Snow mobiling
Skiing - alpine Snow Shoe Walking
Skiing off piste with a guide Snow Tubing
Skiing on piste Tobogganing
Sledging Winter Walking (using crampons and ice picks only)
Sledging pulled by horse or reindeer as a passenger
Snow boarding

What sports am I covered for on my annual insurance policy?

Essential Travel covers 110 sports as standard on an annual multi trip, at no extra cost. However if you would like to take part in more adventurous activities we provide hazardous activity cover that can be added as you make your way through the booking process.

These activities are graded 1 to 4 depending on the level of risk they pose to you. Grade 1 activities are considered low risk and will be covered on any Essential Travel Insurance policy at no extra charge, but Grades 2, 3 and 4 activities will add an additional charge to your premium. After selecting your level of cover you will be prompted to add any hazardous activities you wish to participate in while on holiday.

Please note: If you are taking a golfing holiday, we advise that you take our Golf Travel Insurance to benefit from specialised equipment and green-fee cover.

Can children named on an annual multi trip policy travel on their own?

With our annual travel insurance policy, adults and children can travel on their own provided that any children under 16 years old are accompanied by a responsible adult.

Please note: Children can be insured as lone travellers if they take out an individual Children's Travel Insurance policy. Before allowing children to travel on their own, you should check with the airline and/or travel company that they will be prepared to take children travelling alone.

Can named policy holders travel independently of the main policyholder?

Only adults over the age of 18 may travel independently of the main named policyholder. Children must travel with at least one of the named adults.

How do I upgrade my level of cover and increase geographical limits

Please contact us to upgrade your policy to include additional winter sports cover, Superior cover, additional grades of sports cover or increase the geographical limits of your policy, (eg. Upgrade from Europe to Worldwide cover).

Please note: We are unable to downgrade your policy.

How do I cancel my policy?

To ensure that you have chosen the right policy and level of cover to suit your needs, you can cancel your annual travel insurance within 14 days and receive a full refund.

If you wish to cancel your policy during the cooling off period, please contact us to cancel. Outside of the 14 days' cooling off period, please contact customer services.

Please note: It is not possible to cancel a policy once it has commenced.

Extra Cover

As you make your way through the booking process you can customise your annual holiday insurance policy - with the option of adding extras such as winter sports, hazardous activities and business trip cover.