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Northerners Three Times More Likely To Take A Career Break

A recent survey from online travel insurance and airport parking provider Essential Travel has revealed that respondents from the North of England (23% ) are almost three times as likely to head off on a career break as those from the South (8% on average).

The big question is does this mean Northerners are more adventurous and ready to take a risk...or are Southerners perhaps more happy and settled in their jobs?

The truth, however, might be a little more depressing. With 54% of people embarking on a career break due to unhappiness in their job or redundancy, it is quite possible that people in the North of England are taking a break to get away from an unhappy workplace or boost their CV after redundancy.

But it’s not only the North that’s been hit. Older age groups are now increasingly more likely to take a career break. A 2012 survey of career breakers revealed that only 8% of career gapers were over 36. A year later it is a whopping 53% !

In a bid to give career breakers as much help as possible, wherever they may be located in the UK, Essential Travel has created its Career Gap microsite, designed to help would be career breakers think through the best options and activities that will help them to upgrade their CV, and then present it in the best way to potential employers.

To give older career gapers a helping hand, Essential Travel has increased the age range of its Backpacker insurance to 55, and reduced Backpacker Insurance premiums by 15% until 1st September 2013. Essential Travel’s Travel Insurance expert Nina Montgomery says:

“As our research shows, those going away for extended career breaks are steadily climbing in age. Essential Travel are proud to be able to quickly adapt to our customers’ needs and to accommodate for this shift, we have increased the age range of our Backpacker Insurance policy to ensure they are provided for. What’s more, Essential Travel are still one of the few Backpacker Insurance providers that allow 1 trip home for any reason (wedding, illness, homesickness) over a two year period."

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