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Standard Insurance Not Enough For Cruises, Says Essential Travel

Published: 19/11/2013

In the wake of last month’s report from Which Travel, which highlighted the fact that ill or injured Cruise passengers have been faced with bills that range from £154 for forgotten blood pressure pills to £2000 for case of acute sinusitis, Essential Travel is highlighting that holidaymakers going on a cruise need to ensure they have a policy specifically for cruises, as standard travel insurance may not cover them.

"Cruises are different to a normal holiday,” says Essential Travel’s travel insurance expert Nina Montgomery. “Not only are medical treatments on board likely to be more expensive than at home, but both cruise-ships and their passengers are vulnerable to delays caused by storms and bad weather, loss of luggage if you’ve flown to the destination to set sail but your luggage hasn’t arrived with you, plus injuries from on board sports and activities you may not have tried before. What’s more, in the case of serious illness or injury, medical evacuation at sea is horrendously expensive and could run into tens of thousands. You do not want to be faced with that bill.”

Essential Travel’s travel insurance includes up to £10 million in Medical Cover, and £7500 for cancellation, while the Cruise Add On also provides:

  • • Extended baggage cover up to £3,500 (think of all that extra evening wear you’ll be carrying)
  • • Missed shore trips up to £500
  • • Cabin confinement (due to illness) of up to £600
  • • Valuables up to £700

And with online medical screening the whole process is quick, simple and easy. What’s more, the customer helpline means that you’ll be able to get 24 hour multilingual assistance, whether you are cruising the Indian Ocean or sailing the Baltic Sea.

Travel insurance with a cruise add-on starts at £20.62 for a week for an 18 year old, £23.09 for a 40 year old, and £28.04 for a 60 year old.

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