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Increase in Travelling Due to Job Unhappiness

The career break has become a serious undertaking and responding to this trend, Essential Travel has created a career break microsite, The Career Gap, gathering together advice from industry experts to help people think through the impact a career break might have on their future, decide what to do, and then how to make the most out of it on your CV.

In response to this growth in older backpackers, Essential Travel has also increased the age range of its Backpacker insurance to 55 to cater for the trend in older backpackers, and reduced Backpacker insurance prices by 15% until 1st September 2013, giving that extra helping hand to wannabee career gappers. Essential Travel are still one of the few backpacker insurance policies that allow a trip home for any reason (wedding, illness, homesickness) over a two year period.

Essential Travel's Career Gap campaign is at:The Backpacker Campaign

Essential Travel's Career Gap Advice Tasters

Asking The Boss For A Career Break:

"For places without an official policy, sound out the boss indirectly first - perhaps raising the topic without specifically saying that they want a sabbatical. If the response is positive, they can follow this up with a sabbatical request. I've come across many cases where people have got a sabbatical where there was no official policy, so it's always worth asking!"

Rachel Morgan-Trimmer of The Career Break Site

How To Use A Career Break To Boost Your CV:

"Employers are receiving many CVs with first class degrees etc but a gap year can provide an applicant with the opportunity to stand out from the crowd in terms of life experiences that have matured you as an individual and give you much deeper insights to the outside world. Do think about how these experiences have made you a more rounded individual with a wider portfolio of skills that will be of benefit to an organisation."

Elizabeth Bacchus of The Successful CV

Budgeting On A Career Break:

"Don't think you can't afford hotels - you can with the right budget. For example over a two week period of travel, you are better to vary your accommodation options all the time. Spend a few nights in hostels, try couch surfing, sleep on night buses, sleep on airports, stay with friends. If you have had some free accommodation during those 14 days, you'll be able to squeeze out a really decent night in a comfortable hotel with hot showers and a comfortable bed. I'd gladly live in a tent for 14 days to get my 15th day in a 3 star hotel. I normally treat myself once every 3 weeks to a night in a three star hotel. "

Jonny Blair of Don't Stop Living

Taking Your Child on Your Career Break:

"Sharing that experience was amazing. Rhiannon was old enough to remember it but not so old as to miss her friends too much. The level of intimacy we had was a real luxury. We would do things like read a book together, all three of us, which was something we just didn't do at home. Also, children are a great ice breaker and can help to get people talking to you.Seeing things through Rhiannon's eyes was also interesting. In the African markets they hang the animal's severed head outside the stall to show how fresh the meat it and Rhiannon was fascinated by this: something we might have easily just skipped over."

Rose and James Parnell, London

Leaving The Comfort Zone - Teaching English in Japan

"The biggest challenge was when I was dropped off at my new apartment. I was on my own and it suddenly dawned on me I was on the other side of the world, and I didn't speak or read Japanese. I was soon to be expected to teach up to 700 students per week in three different Japanese schools and besides the interview and the one week's training and orientation I had never taught before. This sudden wave of panic and fear took me back for a moment but then I realised that being this far out of my comfort zone and doing something so alien to me was my whole point in being there and that a challenge and new experiences was exactly what I was looking for."

Design Engineer, Simon Stannard

Au Pairing on A Career Break

"Despite the spoilt kids, neurotic parents and living in a room where I could theoretically shower and cook spaghetti at the same time, I would definitely recommend au pairing. The experience allowed me to live in Paris rent-free, with a job that is both rewarding and fun (most of the time)."

Blogger Left Bank Mank

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