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menu Warns Holiday Makers To Take Precautions Against Unnecessary Risks in the UK

Holiday makers should take precautions against unnecassary risks in the UK

A recent survey on has brought forth some interesting results. The survey was arranged to help understand the effects of the recession on UK travellers and how they had shifted their habits to accommodate the crisis.

After retrieving the data contained in the survey, the leading travel essentials provider found that 64% of people had planned on having a holiday in the UK, as opposed to travelling abroad. The responses went on to suggest that a significant 78% of UK residents would not purchase travel insurance if they did not leave the UK on their journeys.

Essential Travel would like to remind UK residents of the risks involved when travelling in the UK. After reviewing insurance claims from 2011 and 2012, the insurance provider discovered that cancellation and curtailment cover, bad weather and concert ticket cancellations had cost travellers more capital than any other local claims.

It would seem that these claims are rising at a rapid scale. To step up to the plate, Essential Travel would like to urge people to think again when it comes to travel insurance, especially when travelling within the region of the United Kingdom.

Notes to editors: Paying by credit card ensures that you are covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act of 1974.

Individual single trip insurance starts in Europe from as little as £6.94 for standard cover or £11.15 for superior.

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