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Essential Travel Warns Holidaymakers To Beware Of Hidden Costs

'Hidden charges' could add 25% or more to the cost of airport parking, reveals

It's often the last thing holidaymakers think about before they head off on their travels but those opting to drive to the airport this summer could find themselves out of pocket when arranging their airport parking, according to leading travel essentials provider

Research by has shown that airport parking could be costing holidaymakers 25 per cent more than they expect, due to 'hidden charges' levied by airport parking providers.

The company has revealed that a week's airport parking, which can be booked for as little as £20.00¹, could creep up by an additional £5.00² once booking charges, credit card fees and cancellation waivers are taken into account.

In addition, sun-seekers could find themselves as much as £10.00³ out of pocket if they decide to cancel their airport parking.

"Holidaymakers have grown wise to the 'hidden costs' associated with low-cost airlines and are becoming experts on how to avoid them but most don't apply the same tactics to booking their airport parking", says Stuart Bensusan,

"Parking at the airport can be a really affordable option, but only if you do your home-work and make sure you are aware of any hidden "add-ons" or extra costs."

To help customers save money has opted to reduce or eliminate its own cancellation waivers, charges and credit card fees in time for the peak summer holiday period.⁴ The company has scrapped its 2 per cent credit card fee completely, reduced the cancellation waiver from £0.99 to just £0.50 and instead of charging a £9.50 cancellation charge, customers will now only forfeit £5.00 if they wish to cancel a booking that has been made without paying the cancellation waiver. has also reduced the cancellation notice period from 48 hours before arrival to just 12.

¹ - Based on seven days' parking at Birmingham airport in September 2010 (from £19.92).

² - Research conducted by Essential Travel revealed that booking fees or credit card charges can be as high as £1.95 per booking and cancellation waivers as high at £2.99 (total - £4.94). The research was conducted among several airport parking providers, including Sky Park, Holiday Extras, FHR, Park & Go, Purple Parking and APH.

³ - Cancellation charges range from £0.00 to £7.50, £9.50 or £10.00 and in some cases there is an amendment fee of £5.00 should customers wish to change the date of the booking, for example. The research was conducted among several airport parking providers, including Sky Park, Holiday Extras, FHR, Park & Go, Purple Parking and APH.

- Essential Travel's new pricing will take effect from 26 July 2010.

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