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A Family of Four Could Save Over £348 By Pre Booking Their Travel Extras

As the pound continues to slump against both the dollar and euro, Essential travel, one of the leading airport parking and airport lounge suppliers, reveals that one of simplest ways to make considerable savings is to pre-book or pre-order travel extras before you go.

Simon Purnell, spokesperson for Essential Travel, comments: “As people become more and more worried about what exchange rates are doing to their holiday spending, it makes sense to look at cutting back on spending wherever possible. The good thing is that with some planning ahead it is possible make significant savings, giving people more cash to play with on their trip.”

Airport Parking - Save £157.50

Airport Parking works in a similar way to low cost airlines: the earlier holidaymakers book the cheaper it is. With Essential Travel you can save on average 50% on the cost of your parking simply by taking a couple of minutes out and pre-booking early!

Going online to holidaymakers can compare multiple car parks services and their rates at once, to make sure they get the best possible deal. If you just turn up on the day without a reservation you’ll pay the gate or turn up rate, and this is the most expensive way to park at the airport. Holidaymakers departing from Stansted in August could save as much as £157.50 for a fortnight’s parking just by pre-booking

Top Tip:Many people don’t realise that you can pre-book your airport parking up to an hour before you arrive, so there’s no excuse for not saving here! With Essential Travel’s mobile responsive website you can also do this via your smartphone on the way to the airport if you really have left it until the last minute!

Foreign Currency - Save £77

Pre-ordering your currency, either online, or from a bank or Thomas Cook, can help you make substantial savings, and prevent that last minute “I’ve forgotten to do something” feeling. Exchanging £1000 into euros at Heathrow’s Travelex fetched 1051.30 euros (a rate of 1.0513). However, pre-ordering online with Travelex (and you can do this until four hours before you fly), meant a much more impressive 1142 euros (a rate of 1.142). That’s an extra 90.70 euros ( or £77!) to play with - enough for a family meal out. You can collect at the airport, but still benefit from online rates.

Top Tip: If you’re very busy, and book in time, The Post Office offer a similar rate and will deliver your foreign currency to your home.

Baggage - Save £75.03

Pre-booking your baggage online will save a substantial amount. A family of four travelling with three standard sized cases with Flybe will pay £14.99 when registering them online first. If they turn up to the airport they’ll be faced with a bill of £140 for the three of them.

Top Tip: There are some small airports such as Perpignan in France (when you fly with certain airlines) where you just have to book online, as there is no facility to check in at the gate. Likewise, some airlines will only let you on with larger cases if you pre-book. Research is a must if you want your clothes and belongings to make the trip with you!

Travel Insurance - Save £21.09

Buying your travel insurance at the last minute is a very uneconomical way to do it, not to mention leaving you vulnerable to cancellation and possible strikes and without cover for the money you’ve already spent on your holiday or tickets.

A last minute visit to the Thomson shop on the high street produced a two week European travel insurance policy for a family of four for £69. In contrast, a similar policy (both with £5m medical cover, similar baggage cover and £100 excess) buying online with Essential Travel the price is £47.91.

Top Tip: If you go away more than once a year it’s usually more economical to buy an annual policy. You can travel separately on an family annual policy (although children have to be accompanied by an adult) so even if mum and dad are able to sneak in a weekend away without the children they are still covered.

Attraction Tickets- Save £18

Pre-ordering attraction tickets is another area where holidaymakers can save a little cash. As an example, a 2 park ticket to Universal Orlando Resort with Essential Travel costs £438. Leave it until the day and customers will be paying around £456 ($690 at time of issue).

At Essential Travel, you can search by location, and, not only get ideas for days out on your trip, but book them before you leave.

Top Tip: Pre booking means avoiding long queues at the gate and of course, risking possible disappointment.

Essential Travel offers priority access to the most sought after car parks, hotels and lounges at all major airports across the UK. Essential Travel is now part of Thomas Cook UK & Ireland. For further information visit:

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