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Essential Travel's Top Ten Bicycle-Friendly Cities

With an estimated 2.2 billion cycle tourism trips made every year in Europe, and with an estimated economic impact of €44 billion its clear cycling is becoming very popular. So Essential Travel has handpicked the top ten bicycle friendly cities to help cycling fans choose the right destination

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Age of Gap Year Takers Increases Dramatically In One Year

Once the “must-do” of university graduates, the gap year is now increasingly being taken up by an older demographic, and referred to as a career break, as online travel insurance and airport parking provider Essential Travel found when comparing results of two surveys, completed a year apart. A 2012 survey of career breakers revealed that only 8% of career gappers were over 36. A year later it is a whopping 53% !

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Increase in Travelling Due to Job Unhappiness

A recent survey by Essential Travel, the UK's leading online travel insurance provider, reveals that in 2013, 54% of people embarking on a career break are now choosing to do so due to unhappiness in their job or redundancy. This is in stark contrast to a survey conducted 12 months ago, where only 11% cited career related reasons. Instead, "seeking adventure" and "fun" were then the top priorities for 77% of respondents. What's more, whereas a year ago the largest age group likely to take a break were the carefree 21-25 years olds (36% ), a year later it is more likely to be the 26-30 age group (39% ).

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Essential Travel's Advice for People Travelling to Turkey

Following the recent incidents in Turkey, the FCO has advised against all travel to the Turkish towns of Akcakale and Ceylanpinar and against all but essential travel to areas within 10km of Turkey's border with Syria, and the provinces of Hakkari, Sirnak, Siirt and Tunceli.

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Northerners Three Times More Likely To Take A Career Break

A recent survey from online travel insurance and airport parking provider Essential Travel has revealed that respondents from the North of England (23% ) are almost three times as likely to head off on a career break as those from the South (8% on average).

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Three Ways to Add A Touch of Gatsby Glamour To Your Holiday

With Gatsby madness currently in the air, glamour is the thing on everyone’s minds - and what could be more glamorous than going on holiday...once you’ve passed the queues, driven to the car park and transferred to the terminal! But, there are methods to turn even these into a special occasion. Leading online provider of airport hotels and airport parking, Essential Travel, reveals three ways you can add a touch of class and charisma to the usually drab airport experience.

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Essential Travel Reveals That The Best UK Airports For Parking Are Up North!

Essential Travel, one of the UK’s leading airport parking and travel insurance suppliers, reveals the top 5 UK airports to park your car are all in the North of the UK! Sifting through Essential Travel customer feedback provided for all of the UK airports, Newcastle Airport hit the top of the charts with a whopping 95/100 from over 2825 reviews. But not only is it the overall winner in the North, so are the rest of the top five, making the North officially the easiest place to park your car before jetting off.

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Essential Travel's Top 8 Unique Summer Festivals 2013

The number of festivals happening appears to be growing year on year: 2013 will offer music festivals of all kinds, food festivals, art festivals and even some festive parades too. It was quite a challenge, but Essential Travel, the UK’s leading airport parking and travel insurance specialist, has narrowed the list down to 8 Unique 2013 Festivals you won’t want to miss - some are new, some are old, and some are just plain awesome.

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Essential Travel's Top Ten Single Parent Holidays

In early 2012, there were nearly two million single-parent families in the UK, a number that has been steadily on the rise for the last decade. So, it comes as no surprise that there has been a rise in the number of holidays specifically created for single parent families. But how to choose which ones really work for the single parent and which ones are just a marketing gimmick? Essential Travel has investigated the options out there and handpicked the best of the bunch.

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