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menu Warns Holiday Makers to take Precautions Against Forecast Snowfall and Colder than Average Temperatures

In light of this week's severe weather warnings issued by the Met Office looks at precautions UK holiday-makers can take to protect them and their holidays against potential disruption. After reviewing claim information at the end of 2010, the leading travel essentials provider found that a significant 91 per cent of their travel insurance customers still went on holiday despite the reported effects of the snowstorms at the end of last year.

Claim information indicated that only nine per cent of Essential Travel customers abandoned their holidays. Stuart Bensusan comments:

"Any traveller whose flight is cancelled or delayed more than 24 hours should be fully protected by their travel insurance. Any reputable policy should include provisions for both flight delay and cancellation although it's important to note that people can't cancel trips due to a disinclination to travel".

Colder-than-average temperatures are forecast to hit throughout the weekend with the Met Office issuing warnings of icy weather for the whole of the country for Saturday and Sunday.

Holidaymakers should not be entirely disheartened by the latest snow fall reports explains, but any travellers expecting to fly through the snowy weather should take the following precautions:

  • Phone the airline or check their website before you set off to the airport
  • Make sure you have all important phone numbers - such as your hotel and car hire company in our phone so you can advise them of any delays
  • Make sure you mobile phone is fully charged and you take the cable in case you need to charge it en route
  • Check the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy: booking yourself into a five-star hotel to wait out the delay only to find you're not entitled to that money back, quickly makes a bad situation worse
  • Take snacks to the airport, to save forking out for airport food. If you find yourself delayed for more than a couple of hours you may be entitled to a food voucher from the airline - check at the flight desk (or ring your insurance help line to check your rights)
  • Think about buying an airport lounge pass for both legs of the journey - if you are delayed for hours you could be thankful to escape the crowds, make the most of complimentary food and entertainment
  • It's worth booking in to an airport hotel the night before you fly to avoid missing your flight and rush on perilous roads
  • If travelling with children be sure to take something to keep them amused

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