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Essential Travel Backs FCO's Plea For Holidaymakers To Be Prepared

Travel insurance specialist voices concern for British holidaymakers following the Foreign Office's new British Behaviour Abroad report

Leading travel insurance and essentials provider,, has reacted with concern to the news that one in five Britons (19 per cent) are still travelling without insurance, according to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's recent British Behaviour Abroad report

The FCO report also revealed that Britons are spending more on magazines and sweets at the airport than the cost of a standard single trip insurance policy.²

"It's worrying that so many Brits are still not buying travel insurance before they go on holiday," says Stuart Bensusan,

"Holidaymakers who don't take out insurance are risking huge medical and legal expenses, in some cases reaching the realms of tens of thousands of pounds, if they find themselves faced with problems abroad."

"Even a basic policy costing just £6.18 will cover you for medical bills of up to £10 million including ambulance, surgery, emergency dental treatment and much more2 plus oversees legal assistance of up to £15,000."

"We advise holidaymakers looking for complete peace of mind to opt for a more comprehensive package such as our best selling Superior policy."³

"It's important to remember, however that your insurance won't always cover you if an injury to yourself or to someone else is a result of your being under the influence of alcohol, so even insured holidaymakers need to take extra care of themselves when abroad, particularly when it comes to alcohol consumption."

¹ - See for the full FCO British Behaviour Abroad report

² - Essential Travel's standard single trip policy for an adult holidaying in Europe for one week this summer starts from £6.18. This will cover clients for medical bills of up to £10 million including ambulance, surgery, nursing, emergency dental treatment, transport assistance, accommodation if they need to stay on longer in their holiday resort and repatriation costs; personal liability costs, should they injure themselves or another person or damage property that does not belong to them, of up to £2 million and oversees legal assistance of up to £15,000. They are also covered if they are mugged abroad, allowing for £50 per day, up to £500 in total, and for a personal accident, up to £10,000.

³ - Essential Travel's Superior policy, which for an adult for one week in Europe costs £9.93, offers extra cover for personal accidents, up to £20,000 and oversees legal advice, up to £25,000; lost passport, luggage or valuables, up to £1,750 and loss of personal money, up to £350.

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