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Essential Travel's Backpacker Campaign For Youngsters

Parents Supporting A Different Kind of Post A-level Education

While the publication of A-level results traditionally sees teenagers and their parents thrown into a week of chaos and clearing, there are a growing number of parents who are actively encouraging their offspring to take up a different form of education and head off travelling.

In an Essential Travel recent survey of parents of young people going on a gap year, 46% of them fall into the 18 - 20 age range* and their parents actively encourage their alternative education with 35% of them claiming their children were going on a gap year to gain work experience, volunteer, learn a language or improve their CV.**

"It improves their knowledge and independence." (parent of 18 - 20 year old female)

"It's good to get out there and see the world." (mother of 18 - 20 year old female)

"The world is a big, wonderful place and I want my children to experience it." (parent of less than 18 year old female).

In response to this, Essential Travel has created a three part Backpacker Campaign, designed to support young people about to go travelling:


The campaign, starting on Thursday 16th July, consists of:

  • 1. The A-Z Backpackers' Bible. The guide is a collection of tips on staying safe, as well as practical help for dealing with some of the stressful and even dangerous situations that can arise while travelling. It's packed with advice specifically written for young travellers, many of which may never have even lived away from home before, and includes backpackers' own descriptions of dangerous situations they found themselves in, as well as first person tips to make the reader's journey safe and memorable . The Travel Safety Guide can be downloaded free of charge from:

  • 2. 15% off Essential Travel Backpacker insurance. And with the choice of 3 cover levels and 4 areas of cover you only pay for the cover you need. You can also customise it to include dangerous sports, winter sports, pre-existing medical condition cover, and a number of other specialist add-ons.

  • 3. A Facebook competition at where entrants have the chance of winning a rucksack packed with travelling goodies worth over £800, including a beautiful travel journal from Oh So Cherised, a luxury travel towel from Safari Quip, travel toiletries from Ickle Bockles, 2 places for a first aid course by CRT Medical, an underwater camera case from Overboard and innovative insect patches from Dont Bite Me! Entrants will have to work out the Seven Wonders of the World, as voted for in a recent Essential Travel survey of backpackers' favourite travel destinations.

For further information visit: /travelinsurance/backpackerl-insurance/


*43 out of 72 fall into the 18-20 range
** 25 out of 72 stated those objectives

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