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How Does Hiring A Car Work?

Car Rental Companies

Essential Travel answers your questions on hiring a car for your next trip, including how to book a car, fueling options and return procedures.

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How To Choose And Get The Best Seats On A Plane

Aeroplane Seat And View

This month we've got a few insider tips on how to make sure you've got the best seats on the plane, whether your journey is long or short.

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How To Travel With Prescription Medication

Travelling with prescription medication

Essential Travel answers your questions about how to travel with prescription medication through airports and on international flights.

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Q&A: How Far In Advance Can I Book Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is essential for any trip, the risk just isn't worth it. But how long in advance should you book? We answer a reader's question.

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Q&A: What Are The Safest And Easiest Ways To Travel With Money?

Travelling With Money

With so many ways to travel with money, it gets tricky choosing the best option. To help you decide, we shed some light on the best choice for you.

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Q&A: What Are The Benefits Of Using An Airport Lounge?

Enjoy an Airport Lounge

Never used an airport lounge? Get a VIP travel experience at budget-friendly prices. Essential Travel Magazine answers all your questions.

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Q&A: What’s The Best Travel Guide for Me?

Travel Guides

Heading off on an adventure in a new city? Essential Travel Magazine explores the Travel Guide options to help you find the best one for you.

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Q&A: What is Minimum Connection Time?

Departure Flight

What is Minimum Connection Time? How does it affect my flight? Here's everything you need to know to keep you covered on your next trip.

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What Is The Best Round The World Ticket?

Best round the world ticket

What is the best Round The World Ticket? Essential Travel Magazine discusses the options and unpacks this probing question.

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Can I have my car collected at one terminal and returned to another terminal?

Meet and Greet Parking

Need a Meet and Greet service from two different terminals? Essential Travel explain how to get the most convenient meet and greet airport parking.

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Surgery Abroad: What Am I Covered For?

Medical cover for travellers

Essential Travel Magazine answers your questions about medical travel insurance and why you may or may not be covered on your trip abroad.

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