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Top 10 Things To Do In The UK For Under A Tenner*


Does it ever feel like you can't enjoy the finer things in your own back yard without having to cough up serious money? This month we took time to research a few of the finer things to do in the UK for under a tenner - and we were overwhelmed by how much there is!

* Please note, all places on this list were under a tenner at the time of publication. Prices may have changed since then, but each activity is still well worth it!

Tate Modern, South Bank

Admission charge: free (except for major exhibitions)

One of the great things about a museum like the Tate Modern being free is that it gives you the chance to come back. There is simply too much to see and do in one day - your legs will conk out from standing, or you will stop processing the incredible art in front of you. With an extensive collection that spans 5 levels (each one dedicated to different themes and movements), you'll have the opportunity to gaze at works by some of the most celebrated artists from the last century - including Picasso, Monet and Rothko.

Tate ModernTate Modern

Bushmills Distillery Tour, Northern Ireland

Admission charge: £6 - adults, £5 - students and OAP's, £3 - children

For whiskey drinkers and anyone interested in the distillery process, a trip to Bushmills (the world's oldest whiskey distillery) offers maximum value for money. For less than a tenner you get an intimate and informative guided tour of the distillery. Your guide will take you through the six phases that go into making a bottle of Bushmills. Having learned about the 400 year old process, your free tasting session at the end of the tour feels well earned.

Bushmills DistilleryBushmills Distillery

The Horniman Aquarium, Forest Hill

Admission charge: £2 - adults, £1 - children

The Horniman Aqarium is a fantastic child-friendly venue that gives visitors an up-close look at both local and tropical water-life (over 150 species). From the unusual charm of the sea-horses, to the vibrant colours of the clown fish and the spider-like movements of lobsters, viewers have the chance to see major attractions in a smaller, more intimate setting. The main museum and gardens make the trip a double bonus. Perfect for a rainy day's entertainment with the kids.

Clown FishSee Clown Fish at the aquarium

Thames River Cruises, Reading

Admission charge: £4.50 (30 Minute Round Trip), £7.00 (80 minute round trip), special rates for children and OAP's

Throughout the summer months, Thames River Cruises offer round trips aboard their premier vessels, the Caversham Princess and the Devon Belle (one of the original Dunkirk Little Ships). The route takes you up-stream, towards the historic Mapledurham House, which sits under a canopy of magnolia trees and wild birds. We definitely recommend the 80 minute trip to those who enjoy the outdoors. There's no better way to enjoy the relaxing sway of the river's natural rhythm than to grab a pint from the saloon, take a seat on the foredeck and watch the lazy afternoon pass you by.

Thames River CruiseReading Bridge, Thames River

Quiz Night At The Prince Albert Pub And Restaurant, Camden

Entry Fee: £2 p/person playing

Quiz Night takes place every Sunday at the Prince Albert Pub in edgy Camden Town. The stylishly well-kept Victorian building with stained glass windows and hard-wood floors looks like something straight out of a Charles Dickens novel. Expect a hearty crowd of mixed and matched people, out to enjoy the competition and socialize at one of the most popular locals in Camden. There are big prizes up for grabs, including gig tickets, drinks and money - which usually ends up getting spent at the bar as soon as it changes hands. All in all the vibe is amazing and not to be missed.

Camden TownCamden Town

Stonehenge, Wiltshire

Admission charge: £6.90 (adults), £3.50, £5.50 (OAP)

It's hard to believe that England's most famous prehistoric monument and man-made structure is open to the general public for less than a tenner. But even if the Whiltshire Counsel charged viewers 50 big ones to look at it, people would still go there to ponder the mystery of Stonehenge's origins. Unclear whether it is a temple, a burial site or an alien transmitter, the arrangement of rock forms is an unsolvable conundrum.


Stirling Castle

Admission charge: £9 (adults), £5.40 (children), £7.20 (concession)

Stirling Castle stands as a lasting monument to many great battles over its ownership. A tour of this awesome venue takes you right back in time, through several significant periods in history. Located on top of Castle Hill, this towering structure (built around the 12th century) imposes itself on the lush Scottish countryside for miles in every direction. From the cannon-armed balcony you can see the Wallace Memorial across the Abbey. Not to be missed!

Stirling CastleStirling Castle

Llandaff Ghost Walk, Cardiff, Wales

Admission charge: £4 (pre-booked), £5 (on the night)

For only £4 you will get a hair-raising tour of Llandaff that will keep you on the lookout for spooks from start to finish. Your guide is well-versed in long forgotten tales from the city's past. Tying actual events and real people with the sites in front of you, he walks you through Llandaff's darkest secrets, weaving a spooky web around your imagination. The Ghost Walk is ultimately a fun, informative and very scary trip through the nooks and crannies of this old city that dwells within the heart of Cardiff. While the tour might be a bit too much for kids younger than ten, teenagers and adults will have a ball getting scared out of their wits. Highly recommended for group tours!

LlandaffLlandaff ruins

The National Gallery, Trafalgar Sqaure

Admission charge: free

The National Gallery in Trafalgar Square is one of those magical places so close to your nose, sometimes you forget it's there - and free of charge to go inside. Whether you've got an hour or a whole day to spare, it's easy to head inside and get lost in the work of artists like Monet, Vermeer, Cezanne and Rembrandt, amongst others. There is enough there to keep you coming back for years, which makes it the perfect venue to hit when you only have a tenner left over for entertainment.

National GalleryThe National Gallery, Trafalgar Square

Public Parks

Admission charge: free

We owe the concept of a 'public park', where families can gather to feed the ducks, nap beneath the trees and throw a frisbee, to our Victorian ancestors. Centuries ago they sought out the finest landscapers to create open areas where all people could convene and enjoy the outdoors. Today there is a public park in every town throughout the UK, as well as 15 protected national parks for all to use and enjoy. They're free - your only costs are (for example) a loaf of bread, a block of cheese, a pack of biscuits and some juice - all of which can be bought from your local supermarket for much less than a tenner!

Hyde Park, LondonHyde Park, London

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