Top 10 Places for Autumn Foliage

Autumn Tress

Summer may be on its way over to the Southern Hemisphere, but it doesn't leave us without saying a proper good bye. The flora and fauna has dressed in its finest colours for Autumn, making parks, backyards and country roads look extra special. There are also freakishly beautiful days here and there, punctuating the weeks leading up to winter; these are prime opportunities to get outside and appreciate the fireworks display happening in the trees. By the time the sunny afternoons come to an end for 2011, the ground will be covered in layers of bright yellow, orange and golden leaves.

10. Florence, Italy

Florence In Autumn

Visit the heart of the Renaissance during the last weeks of summer, as this enchanting city's trees turn from green to gold as the days get shorter. This time of year offers the added bonus of being less crowded and more temperate than during the mid summer rush. The best places to enjoy autumn leaves in Florence are the Boboli landscaped gardens and the Piazzale Michelangelo, a large hill-stop square offering great views of the city's gorgeous trees.

9. Transylvánia, Romania

Bran Castle In Autumn

The landscape and architecture in Transylvánia work together to create a haunting atmosphere that is spectacular in its sparse but grand beauty - a fitting environment for the legend of Dracula to live on. Pay a visit to Bran Castle, with its numerous turrets and belfries, to see the surrounding Romanian countryside transformed into soft sunset colours that would make a vampire cry.

8. Hyde Park, England

Hyde Park Looking Lovely In Autumn

Only a stone's throw away from central London, Hyde Park is the perfect place to enjoy the waning summer days. As the leaves turn golden yellow and undress themselves onto the lush hillsides, you can stroll by the waterholes, alongside deer and shy foxes, with a view of the London Eye in the distance.

7. Nova Scotia, Canada

The Cape Brenton Highlands National Park boasts some of the most dramatic viewing points for autumn. The trails around the coastline take you over hillsides to the edge of cliff faces and into the forest. Take in a view of peaceful reservoirs surrounded by a rich balance of orange, red and the deepest green imaginable.

6. Munich, Germany

The Bavarian countryside, with its castles and dream-like hillsides, offers autumn viewing right out of a postcard from heaven. You can take in the autumn foliage in the cosmopolitan city of Munich itself, particularly if you stroll along the Isar river or visit one of the world's largest and most spectacular parks, the Englischer Garten.

5. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague In Autumn

Autumn puts the city of Prague in a magical mood. See the ancient spires decorated by an assortment of red and orange leaves, as the trees undress for winter. Visit the Petrin Hill Observation Tower and Prague Castle for the best views of autumn foliage.

4. New York, USA

Central Park In Autumn

The Big Apple is an amazing city of contrasts and contradictions. The mesmerizing skyline above Central Park looks over the maples and elms, as their leaves turn shades of yellow and orange. Enjoy a relaxing picnic under the changing trees, as they prepare for winter in the city that never sleeps.

3. Lake Bled, Slovenia

Lake Bled, Slovenia

The Julian Alps peer over this glacial lake, creating a scene that is otherworldly in its appeal. It's a rugged beauty with harder colours, but it's the combination of elements that give the area such an overwhelming glow. The clear, icy water and surrounding cliff faces are decorated by lush foliage that looks magical as it turns a lighter shade of green and orange before the winter months kick in.

2. Fujigoko Region, Japan

Japanese Autumn

The trees around Japan's lake district turn from electric green in July to fire-engine red in September. At the height of the metamorphoses, you can see Mount Fuji in the distance, surrounded by a colorful forest that could very well be the of home of dragons and other mystical creatures...

1. New England, USA

New England Splendour

Visit the East Coast states of New England (Vermont, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island) between late September and November for the best autumn display in the world (this is always open to debate though). During autumn, the foliage in these parts puts on a fireworks display of colour that will bend your knees. It's difficult to pin-point exactly where you'll see the most magnificent foliage, as the competition is stiff. However, the national weather channel provides useful predictions to help you plan your trip.

Last Updated: August 2010

Clayton Truscott

Clayton Truscott

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