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Wingman Jetwash: 3-In-1 Male Grooming

Wingman Jetwash - 3-in-1 Male Grooming

One of the coolest and most creative products to hit the male grooming market is finally available having recently entered over 500 Tescos stores. Wingman is a unique 3-in-1 male grooming product that cleanses like an invigorating shampoo and shower gel, and provides a moisturising aloe vera edge to deliver a foam for super close shaving.

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The Wingman 3-In-1 Multi-Gel Range

In short, the Wingman Multi-Gel range is fantastic. There are three options currently available, all with Wingman's 3-in-1 formula, namely Charge, Boom and Jetfuel.

Each multi-gel has it's own distinctive characteristics and smells: Charge (grapefruit, lemon, mandarin, coconut), Boom (spearmint and peppermint) and the unorthodox Jetfuel (wood, spice and aviation fuel).

Wingman Multi-GelThe three varieties of Wingman currently on the market are Charge, Boom and Jetfuel

The Brand

Wingman was originally founded by Stu Jolley off the back of a surf trip to the West Coast of France in 2009. With no showers working at the campsite, it gave Stu the inspiration to launch a range of multifunctional face and body wipes. Stu featured on a BBC programme called Britain's Next Big Thing, presented by Dragons’ Den star, Theo Paphitis, with the original concept.

The Wingman brand was born out of Stu’s dream to shake up the men’s toiletry world. Designed with boarders, surfers, riders, musicians and general game changers in mind, the range is for any individual who just wants life to be that bit more exciting.

Wingman 3 in 1 Jetwash for Male Grooming MarketThe Wingman brand was created to be different

What We Think

Wingman really is one of the coolest and smartest products to hit the male toiletry market in recent years. It's the perfect accessory for any travelling as it squeezes shower gel, shampoo and shaving foam all into one (very cool looking) bottle. The different varieties are both creative and great smelling and all complement the brand ideology fantastically.

The price is comparatively high, but it really does go a long way, and how else are you going to release your inner Goose? It's one of the best products we've reviewed, and there are at least three new Wingmen in our office already.

You can purchase Wingman Jetwash Multi-Gel from the Tesco Website.

Essential Travel Rating: 10/10

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Last Updated: August 2013

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