Product Review: The Scrubba Wash Bag

The Scrubba Wash Bag - Clean Clothes Anywhere!

This neat innovation, which hails from Australia has been a popular backpacking item for a while. And it has finally arrived on our shores. It's a small, foldable wash bag that allows you to clean your clothes on the go - you can use it anywhere, all you need is access to water and 10 minutes to spare.

What Is The Scrubba Wash Bag?

Scrubba Wash BagThe Scrubba Wash Bag

The Scrubba Wash Bag combines old and new technology. Based on an old fashioned washboard, clothes are cleaned by rubbing them together along a hardened surface, which is enough to remove oil and dirt from the garments. Using modern materials the wash bag is lightweight and waterproof - a convenient, movable washing machine that requires no power or electricity.

It does, however, require a bit of old fashioned hard work, but you'll only be rubbing the clothes for a couple of minutes, so it's not too tough. It will also save you trips to the laundry and a penny or two. After use, the wash bag dries relatively quickly, and it's perfectly sized and really compact. It can either be rolled up or packed flat in your bag - a backpacker's best friend!

Who Is The Scrubba Bag For?

The Scrubba Wash Bag is for anybody, although designed with travellers in mind, it's perfect for festival goers, those camping or for families on holidays. Or If you're like me and have a few delicate items of clothing that need to be hand-washed, the Scrubba also works well for this and minimizes exposing your hands to the cleaning materials. In fact, to test out this product I washed a top that had been waiting patiently (for ages) to be hand-washed, and the Scrubba Bag really did make it less of a chore. It really proves to be an effective and economical way to keep your clothes clean.

How Does The Scrubba Wash Kit Work?

Below is a guide on how exactly to use the Scrubba Wash Bag.

  1. Fill a quarter of the bag with warm water - the water should not be too hot as the material is not suited to boiling water.
  2. Add a little washing powder - I am the kind of traveller who takes washing powder along, but for those who don’t, shampoo or body wash will do fine. If you're outdoors, invest in an eco-friendly soap so that disposing of the dirty water does not affect the ecosystem.
  3. Fold the bag four or five times and close the clasps - this will prevent water from leaking.
  4. Using the nozzle, expel excess air - it makes it easier to rub the clothing.
  5. Scrub the clothes - rub them along the hard outer surface, just a couple minutes is equivalent to them being in a washing machine.
  6. Take out the items and rinse - either in a basin or you can refill the bag with clean water.
  7. Dry the garments and bag - turn the Scrubba Bag inside out and let it dry, keeping it out of direct sunlight.

Although the Scrubba is cheaper than sending all your washing to the launderette, some more bulky items may need to be washed in a washing machine. And be wary of items with zips as it may damage the inner material of the bag. Note that it works better when not filled to the brim, allowing space inside the bag to properly clean your clothes. This product is a nifty backpacker's delight and we think it should be on your list if you're travelling or planning to spend time in nature this summer. It's available from their European store, just visit them online.

Watch the Scrubba Team wash their laundry in the middle of Ho Chi Min City - sidewalk style!

Last Updated: April 2013

Sarah Matthews

Sarah Matthews

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