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What Numbers Should I Have When Travelling?

Emergency Numbers

Hi Essential Travel

I recently travelled to Japan with my family. While on holiday, my three-year-old daughter felt feverish and was in need of medical attention. Sadly, because we didn't know any Japanese, it took some time before my husband and I could find the help that we needed.
Can you give me any advice about what important numbers are most important to have while travelling abroad? Thanks!

PS - I love the new layout of Essential Travel’s Single Trip Travel Insurance page!

Olivia Anderson, Surrey

Hi Olivia

We're thrilled you love the new layout! And that’s a very important question. Thank for you asking.

British citizens have the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, which consists of embassies and consulates who are responsible for promoting our interests while abroad. The FCO Consular Assistance Team can be contacted via their 24-hour line on +44 20 7008 1500.

Here are some important emergency numbers:

  • In European countries: European Emergency Services - dial 112
    Please note: If you dial the National Call Centre on 999 in any European country, it automatically redirects you to the European Emergency Services. This convenient service is free of charge.
  • In Australia: Medical, Police and Fire Emergency Assistance - dial 000
  • In New Zealand: Medical, Police and Fire Emergency Assistance - dial 111
  • In USA and Canada: Medical, Police and Fire Emergency Assistance - dial 911

When travelling with Essential Travel’s Travel Insurance, we offer a 24-hour worldwide multilingual emergency assistance line that you can call in case of emergency: +44 20 8763 4934 or +44 84 4879 8317

For more information, browse through What Should I Do If I’m Mugged Abroad?, What is the European Emergency Number? and What Is The FCO?. For emergency numbers of all countries across the globe, kindly click here.

Have a safe trip!

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Last Updated: September 2012

Guest Travel Writer

Guest Travel Writer

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