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What is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

What is Car Hire Excess Insurance?

I see that you now offer car hire excess insurance. What does this offering involve and how will it help me? Is it limited to UK residents like your travel insurance or is it available to a Canadian, like me? Harry Jordan, Toronto

Our Answer

Dear Harry,

Our car hire excess insurance is designed to protect you from liabilities arising from an accident/theft involving a car rented from a car rental company in your name. Unlike our travel insurance, any licensed driver from any country can take out car hire excess insurance (as long as you meet the conditions of cover). We have three levels of cover - Bronze, Silver and Gold - that cover different locations and include different features.

Cover Level

Area Covered




In Country Loss Damage Waiver Cover, Out of Country Loss Damage Waiver Cover, Supplementary Liability Insurance Cover, Dual Lead Driver Option


Int'l and UK

In Country Excess Reimbursement Insurance Cover, Out of Country Excess Reimbursement Insurance Cover, Dual Lead Driver Cover



Out of Country Excess Reimbursement Insurance Cover, Dual Lead Driver Option

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The features of our car hire excess insurance are listed and explained below:

Supplementary Liability Insurance (SLI)
Provides you with cover additional to primary cover offered by car hire companies. Cover is brought up to $1 million (i.e if primary cover is $750 000 then our insurance will be an additional $250 000 and if it is $300 000 then our additional cover will be $700 000 etc).

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW)

Restitution of Holiday: This feature applies if your holiday should be interrupted by a medical emergency that leaves you bedridden. We will contribute $15 a day, up to a total of $200, if your car rental is cut short or cancelled as a result of your hospitalisation. This feature only applies to rental agreements of at least seven days.

Drop Off Charges: If you should be unable to drop off the rental vehicle due to an accident or hospitalisation, we will indemnify you for up to $200 to pay for drop off charges.

Lockout Cover: We will cover locksmith charges if you should lock yourself out of your vehicle. This cover is for up to $40.

Excess Reimbursement Insurance (ERI): Should your rental car be damaged through fire or theft and your rental agreement requires excess to be paid, we will pay you up to £2000 (or equivalent amount in the local currency).

Dual Lead Driver Option: If there will be more than one driver in your rental car, you can take the Dual Lead Driver Option and have both drivers covered by the same policy.

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Last Updated: October 2011