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Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Honeymoon Couple

My fiance and I are getting married in Las Vegas next month and we were wondering about getting travel insurance - how do we go about including wedding travel insurance in our policy, to make sure her dress and the rings are covered? Or is this just automatically included in the policy when we sign up? Your help would be much appreciated. Selby Grand, Southampton

Stuart Bensusuan, Essential's Insurance Specialist replies:

Hi there Selby,
Thanks for this important question. Getting married abroad is a great way to celebrate the union of your love and to kick start your honeymoon - all the while giving all your friends and loved ones a holiday at the same time. It's a major event in any person's life, so insuring the Big Day and all the expenses that go towards making it happen should be a priority in your life.

Weddings are not covered by all standard policies. It is an optional extra. However, it is not an expensive one and won't take up extra time to get it done.

Wedding insurance is available with all our single trip and annual multi-trip policies - there is no wedding travel insurance available on backpacker policies. It does come at an additional premium, but it's not much when you consider what you are safeguarding.

How To Include It With Your Policy

When booking any insurance policy, you will be given the opportunity to include wedding coverage. The process will go like this:

  1. Insert your travel details on quote form
  2. Select cover level
  3. Complete the personal details form (or log in if you've booked with us before)
  4. Select the additional wedding cover

What Do You Cover?

Wedding travel insurance covers you and your new spouse for all the wedding specific nouns (up to the amount shown in the policy wording). The main items we are referring to include:

  • Professional photographs - should they be lost, stolen, damaged, or should your photographer fail to arrive due to illness or a personal accident
  • Wedding gifts
  • Dress/Tux/Suit
  • Rings

Please Note: wedding items need to be documented. Claims for any wedding related items will need to be supported by official documentation.

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I hope this helps. Please feel free to contact us again with any further questions!

Last Updated: November 2011