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Can I protect my holiday if I get made redundant?

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I'm planning a holiday for the family this summer - we were thinking of a couple of weeks in Spain - but things are rocky at work and I'm nervous about booking in case I lose my job. I don't want to risk paying over the odds by booking at the last minute, but I don't want to commit myself to something I might not be able to afford later on, either. Are there any policies that cover my holiday if I suddenly find myself unemployed? Graham Turner, Southampton

Stuart Bensusuan, Essential's Insurance Specialist replies:

Dear Graham,
It's a sad fact that, unfortunately, many people's jobs are going to be on the line due to the current recession. Obviously we all hope that things pick up soon, but it makes complete sense that - although you don't want to put your life on hold - you're realistic about the situation you might be facing.

All our annual policies include redundancy cover as standard. This means that, so long as your redundancy falls within current UK redundancy payment legislation, and there was no reason to believe that you would be made redundant when you bought the policy (i.e it hadn't been announced in your company that redundancies were going to be made), will insure your holiday for up to £5,000 on our Superior policy. This means you can book your trip away now - and look forward to some well earned fun with the family.

Best of luck for the future, Stuart

Finally - take out our Superior travel insurance to ensure you are covered in case you are made redundant.

Last Updated: January 2009