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How Do I Change My Flight?

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I need to change a flight date, because my travel arrangements have changed. Is it possible to do this?

Our Answer

Yes, it is. Most airlines will allow you to change your flight dates at a fee, which largely depends on the season you are flying and seat availability.

When buying your plane tickets, check what the airline's policy says about flight amendments or cancellation. It varies from company to company, but in most cases you'll be able to change your ticket at least once by following a few easy steps.

Certain last minute or discounted tickets are sold at a no-change, no-refund price - this is especially common amongst low-cost airlines.

If you've bought your plane ticket online log on to the airline's website. Have your flight and booking confirmation numbers handy, because you'll need these to view your booking.

  • Find the option that allows you to change your flight dates
  • Make changes to your dates and check for availability
  • Follow instructions to the pay center, where you will be charged an amendment fee

If you've bought your ticket via a travel agent give them a phone call. Instead of going through the re-booking process manually online, the agent will speak you through the options.

There are also extenuating circumstances that will allow you to change a flight without notice. If, for example, a family member passes away, there is an emergency at home or abroad, airlines will often make a special arrangement. Again, it is important that you check before purchasing your ticket what the airline policy is on bereavement changes.

Last Updated: August 2010