Can I Get Cruise Holiday Cover?

Am I Covered When I Go On A Cruise?

Dear Essential Travel,
I am going on a two week cruise on the Mediterranean in a few months time. I would like to know if you offer insurance cover for cruises? If so, what would my options be?
Jessica Stone, Middlesex

Hi Jessica,

Essential Travel offers cruise cover as an optional extra. The cruise insurance policy for those travelling by sea is the best choice to ensure that you can enjoy your Mediterranean cruise to the fullest. If this is your first time on a cruise, take a look at our How To guide on cruises.


When going on holiday, the last thing you want is missing or stolen baggage. With Essential Travel, you can relax and enjoy your cruise as we pay up to £3500 on baggage claims. Claim your missing goods within 24 hours for your claim to be processed.


Getting off the ship to ‘stretch your sea legs’ and explore the wonderful European cities along the Mediterranean is definitely going to be a highlight to your holiday. Should any of your pre-paid on-shore trips be cancelled due to the ship being unable to dock, claim under the Missed Shore section.


Seasickness is common for those who are not used to cruises, so there are many doctors on board to make sure you get better quickly and that you enjoy the rest of your holiday. Should you fall ill or sustain a bodily injury, you may be told to stay confined to your cabin. Essential Travel’s cruise insurance offers compensation for cabin confinement up to £600.

Essential Travel wishes you a fantastic and fun-filled holiday. Take a look at our Top 10 Cruise Destinations to read more about your upcoming Mediterranean cruise!

Read the full policy wording here.

Last Updated: July 2012

Zoe Harrington

Zoe Harrington

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