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Can I Travel Separately On A Family Travel Insurance Policy?

Family Travel Insurance Policy

Dear Essential Travel,
I am on an annual multi trip family travel insurance policy that is fully paid up. I don't really want to get another travel insurance policy just for a short trip I'll be taking on my own to France. Is there no possible way that I can travel separately on the family travel insurance policy I already have? Delilah April, Luton

Hi Delilah,
The short answer is: yes, definitely. Our multi trip annual travel insurance policies allow you the freedom to travel on your own without having to take out another policy.

Essential Travel's family travel insurance policies allow you, your husband/wife/civil partner or partner (with whom you have been living with for longer than six months) and any unmarried dependants under the age of 19 to travel under one convenient policy.

The long answer is still yes, but with two conditions:

  • You may only travel separately on an annual multi trip travel insurance policy.
  • Only adults named on the validation certificate may travel independently. Children need to travel accompanied by an adult named on the validation certificate.

Read the full policy wording here!

Last Updated: June 2012

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